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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Innovation Engine – Kevin Freiberg

September 26, 2014-Episode 33

Welcome to “The Innovation Engine” podcast. I’m Will Sherlin, and on this week’s episode of the podcast we’ll be looking at innovation and the power of cause – why it’s important for everyone in your company to know exactly what your cause is, why we fear living insubstantial lives more than we fear dying, and why it still pays to be a little nuts in the airplane industry.

Here with us today to discuss all that and more is Dr. Kevin Freiberg, who along with his wife Jackie has written numerous books about how some of the world’s most successful companies build cultures that thrive on innovation.

Kevin and Jackie’s most recent book, DO SOMETHING NOW!: Be the One Who Makes Something Happen, came out in June, and the couple is now working on their next book, COMPANY WITH A CAUSE: Live an Insanely Great Life While Doing Meaningful Work. In addition to being best-selling authors, the couple are sought after speakers on the subjects of innovation, execution, and corporate leadership development.