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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Innovation Engine – Dr. Jackie Freiberg

September 19, 2014 – Episode 32

On this week’s episode of the podcast we’ll be looking at why innovation should be everyone’s job – how leaders can create a culture where everyone owns innovation, why you should empower all employees to become part of the innovation process, and pitfalls and roadblocks to avoid when doing so. Dr. Jackie Freiberg joins us to discuss these topics and more. Dr. Freiberg, along with her husband Dr. Kevin Freiberg, has written numerous books about how some of the world’s most successful companies build cultures that thrive on innovation. She was recently named one of the Top 30 Best Minds on Leadership by Leadership Excellence Magazine.

Jackie and Kevin’s most recent book, DO SOMETHING NOW!: Be the One Who Makes Something Happen, came out in June, and the couple is now working on their next book, COMPANY WITH A CAUSE: Live an Insanely Great Life While Doing Meaningful Work. In addition to being best-selling authors, Jackie and Kevin are both sought-after speakers on the subjects of innovation, execution, and corporate leadership development.