Ideas to Read and Pass Along

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg


A SPIRIT OF SERVICE . . . it’s an element of giving—a spirit of generosity that makes people give something of themselves in addition to just doing the job.

Karl Albrecht
Author, The Only Thing That Matters

Five Truths About Service

  1. Today’s consumers are more educated, sophisticated, demanding, and less tolerant than ever before.
  2. Customers are no longer “wowed” by the basic levels of service—the basics are the minimum, what you promised them. That’s why you must be moving toward the kind of astonishment that builds lifetime customer loyalty.
  3. We have to earn the right to do business with our customers over and over again. Every day is another opportunity to reinforce the relationship we have with our customers.
  4. The way you treat your people and the way they treat each other is the way your people will eventually treat the customer. You can’t do service well externally over the long-haul until you first learn how to do service well internally.

Choosing Service Over Self-Interest Means

  • Serving your co-workers so that together you can provide a SEAMLESS approach to serving your customers.
  • Going BEYOND THE BASIC value proposition and looking for new ways to add value.
  • Making it INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT for customers to do business with you.
  • Continually COURTING your customers long after they’ve become your customers.

Action Item

Complete the servant leader survey and then discuss the questions below with a spouse, friend, or trusted colleague.

Discussion Questions

  1. Sit down and ask yourself, What are three ways I can better serve the people I work with? What obstacles are keeping my staff from doing their best? How can I help remove them? What will you do immediately to take action?
  2. What does astonishment look like to our customers today? What will it look like tomorrow?