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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

WANTED…Leaders and Game-Changing Solutions

Whether you voted for our new leader or not, the country is a buzz and oh so hungry for answers to what the future holds! Our country, without a doubt, is crying out for leadership! Our businesses, our communities, and our families need leadership. It is a new era; and to lead it, we want game changers.

There are a lot of theories and a lot of approaches to leadership today. Just try a “leadership” search; you’ll get a diversity of thought.

But let us make one thing very clear—leadership is a choice. Every day we are confronted with multiple opportunities to step into the breach and lead like a game changer. From cutting costs without compromising performance, to “up-coaching” a colleague who has become a liability to the team, to calling BS in favor of a better way, to stepping out on a limb and streamlining a process for a client. All these situations and more call for game changing leaders–are you up for it?

Game Changers Make a Way

Let us introduce you to a client who is doing exactly the OPPOSITE of many other retailers. As the reports scream, “retail sales are the lowest in 40 years,” many retailers are tightening the budget, cutting expenses, and paralyzing their teams. BUT not at Sony Style Stores—they are BOOMING! Dennis Syracuse, Sr. Vice President of Sony Retail Stores, is a game changing leader. Even though the media is hosting a recession, Dennis RSVP’d: “Regrets, we are choosing NOT to participate!” Dennis is changing the game and leading his managers and sales associates to BOOM!

How do you get 700 people at 70 different locations around the country to hear the same message without blowing the budget and shutting down the business? In the spirit of refueling his team and giving them tools during a tough time, Dennis stepped into the breach and approved a game-changing event!

We did a 2-hour, customized BOOM! presentation at their state-of-the-art San Diego Sony Style Store. The event was video cast live via Direct TV to Sony Style Stores nationwide, and over 700 Store Managers and their teams heard the message. Talk about an innovative and economical approach to hosting a meeting!

What You Measure Gets Done

Another game-changing move was to avoid the one shot approach — bring in a speaker and fire-up the team for a day, and then it’s back to business as usual. Nope! Not good enough for Dennis; he knows what you measure gets done. So, Sony Style Stores is using our BOOM! Formula to not only track individual and team success, but to more deeply root the message into their service culture. There is no doubt that Sony Style associates have embraced and are implementing the 7 Choices in BOOM! They are doing whatever-it-takes to keep sales up and create an unforgettable experience for their customers.

Read a recent exchange between SONY Sales Managers sent in an eWave (an electronic conversation).

One Customer, One TOTAL SOLUTION for $31,000 Dollars, putting us over our daily goal by $2000, and it is not even lunch time!

Let’s Play to our Genius and Realize that the Customers want to be educated And that SONY has the LIFESTYLE for them.

FOCUS FORWARD and make the Holidays all about S O N Y.

WOW…the weekend warriors are out in force!” “We have officially joined the party, BOOMing to $19,793 versus $14,613!

Who’s next to push the plunger down and blow the doors off business as usual!?!

BOOM! is about building a team and a culture of accountability, commitment and performance! Do you have what it takes to equip your team with ideas on how to lead like game changers, especially in a tough business environment? Do like Dennis, RSVP REGRETS! Be a game changer, be creative and host an innovative, economical meeting. Give your team a gift that will refuel commitment, strengthen accountability, and drive performance up!

We have yet to see the choices our country’s new leaders will make. But you can choose today to be a leader and inspire others to think and act like game changers too. Your choices will determine the quality of your reputation and the difference you will make. Game-changing leaders do not wait for permission; they are accountable to the team and own the success of the business. Find out how the choices in BOOM! can have a dramatic impact on improving your organization’s performance—through our BOOM Formula Survey and Assessment Tool.

Find out how the choices in BOOM! can have a dramatic impact on improving your organization’s performance—through our BOOM Formula Survey and Assessment Tool.