Ideas to Read and Pass Along

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

What do you stand for?

Sitting on Question MarkDoes your company take a stand? For more than 40 years, Southwest Airlines has taken a stand for freedom. Their purpose is, and always has been, to democratize the skies by making flying affordable. They give people the freedom to go, see and do things they never dreamed possible. Google’s purpose is to organize the world’s information by making it universally useful and accessible. USAA’s purpose is serving those who serve. They do this by offering first class financial services to those who serve in all branches of the military. Planetree’s purpose is patient centered care. They have taken hospitals to a new level by blending the best of spas, five star hospitality and healthcare. SAS institute’s purpose is giving clients the power to know by providing cutting edge business analytics software and services.

Purpose…it’s what we stand for… it calls us to action…it earns our commitment…it guides our thoughts…it influences our behaviors…it gives clarity to confusion, direction to choices…it inspires us to give more than we’ve got… it compels us to persevere…it keeps us up at night and wakes us every day…it frees us from fear…it binds us to others…it drives us toward significance…its well worth the fight…it’s our reason for being…it brings meaning to life and gives life new meaning.

Does your company stand for something meaningful? If not, it’s time to take a stand. Companies with a deeply rooted purpose, that is consistently and creatively communicated, tend to be leaders and innovators in their industries. They have high engagement levels and enjoy both employee and customer loyalty.

Give purpose serious thought, it has the power to revive hearts and reignite engagement. If we don’t stand for something we’re likely to fall for anything. Industry leaders always stand for things worth fighting (not falling) for—how about your business, what does it stand for and are you willing to fight for it? These tough times call for commitment. What is your business committed to and is it a purpose worthy of your people standing behind?