Ideas to Read and Pass Along

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Five Ways to Recharge!

Lead, Collaborate and Innovate Professionally and Personally

Summer tends to take over. Vacations, schedules change, the pace of life and work slows and things tend to get quiet.

Re-engage and Refuel here are five ways to use summer to recharge in every way—

Professionally—Think about the leader you’ve become. Do you like what your thinking? Are you being all you need to be for your team, your colleagues, clients/customers?  What do you want to change? Read and share this article and make a commitment to leadership, collaboration and innovation.

Personally—Read a book for fun, get organized, clean out a closet and donate stuff you don’t need, host a barbeque/potluck and reconnect with family and friends.

Physically—Get outside, Nike says it best, “Just do it!” Walk, run, swim, hike, bike, throw a ball with your kids or grandkids, or get out there and do that neglected yard work.  The toughest part of any kind of physical activity is getting started but once you “do it” we guarantee you’ll feel recharged.  If your still not feeling it then read Younger Next Year (Crowley & Lodge— pink for gals and yellow for guys) it will convince you!

Financially—Visit Dave Ramsey’s website, it is sure to give you both profound and simple ideas.  Make a commitment to reviewing your budget and find at least 3 ways to cut your expenses, you’ll be amazed at what you find. We know this sounds radical, but we stopped visiting Starbucks everyday…yes really.  We’re embarrassed to share the expense but proud of the savings!

Spiritually—Garbage in leads to Garbage out.  Breathing life into your heart will clear your head of the all the clutter.  Replace the garbage (or balance it out) with good stuff.  Buy a daily devotional to get started, it’s a settling way to focus and start your day.  Three recommendations: Max Lucado, Grace for the Moment(morning and evening);  Eugene Peterson’s The Message;  and if you are married, John and Staci Eldridge, Love and War —this book is enriching our relationship and affirming our commitment to each other.

As you take the lead to refresh and recharge in each of these areas stress will fade and fulfillment will grow.  Go for it and by all means circle back to us with your feedback on any of these suggestions!  Cheers to making the most of your summer.