Ideas to Read and Pass Along

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Coping With Change

The questions listed below are designed to help you break the mold of resistance and gain a more realistic and proactive approach to change. These same questions can be adapted to a group discussion.

  1. What am I telling myself about the change? What do I fear losing? What are we telling ourselves about the change? What do we fear losing?
  2. Is it really true? Is everything I’ve/We’ve heard or said about this change accurate? (Just because you believe it doesn’t necessarily make it true). How much valid evidence is there to support my/our automatic thoughts and the accuracy of my/our beliefs?
  3. Assuming that what I/we believe is true and the evidence supports the accuracy of my/our beliefs, how realistic are the consequences of this change? What’s the probability (based on evidence) of these implications coming to pass?
  4. What are the alternative ways to interpret this change?
  5. What do I/we really want from this change? What would I/we like to see happen?
  6. Based on what I/we want to gain from this change, what can I/we influence? What can I/we control?
  7. What initial steps can I/we take to gain what I/we want?