Ideas to Read and Pass Along

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Tribalism Kills Teamwork

Tribalism is the deadly opponent of teamwork, it destroys careers and erodes the very foundation of successful companies.

Here’s how:

  • Blinds people to the needs of other departments
  • Distorts the organization’s priorities
  • Drains the organization of valuable energy causing frustration and burnout
  • Talented employees walk out the door or worse yet, quit but stay
  • Customers perceive the company to be disorganized
  • Customer relationships and sales are jeopardized
  • Power struggles translate into loss of productivity
  • Mediating disputes between people or departments is a waste of time—time that should be used to focus on making the business more competitive

Competition Between Lines of Business Serves No One!

The Power of Radical Collaboration

Eleven Reasons Why You Should Reach Across Geographical, Generational, Hierarchical, Functional and Cultural Boundaries

  • Fuels cross-functional communication
  • Grows appreciation for the roles and responsibilities of others
  • Helps you cut cycle time, increase speed, be agile and get to “YES” faster
  • Faster you implement = faster you improve cash flow/revenue
  • Helps you eliminate waste, redundancy—and lower costs
  • Leverages diversity to expand creativity
  • Improves BRAND reputation
  • Lowers frustration and raises motivation and morale = less burnout
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Establishes you as a magnet for world-class talent
  • Makes you an AWESOME force to be reckoned with—envied by your competitors, admired by your customers

Learn 17 strategies for improving collaboration.