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No Trust, No Connection

Trust building is often regarded as a soft or secondary competency. But in reality, trust is the one thing that changes and impacts everything. To create engaged, high performing teams, trust it not a nice to have, trust is a must have.

When trust is high, people are more willing to go the extra mile, take risks, speak up and do whatever it takes to create improvements and sustainable, measurable results.

A common flaw that happens during times of change and crisis is to demand trust from your people. “Trust me on this!” But trust cannot be summoned with a command. Trust is built incrementally, over time, and often by small gestures that show you care.

Brené Brown uses the Marble Jar as a trust metaphor, suggesting that every small gesture of care and interest earns you a marble of trust in the relationship.

But also note, if we undercut, bully, betray or dismiss a colleague, it will bruise and even blow trust, and in those cases, it’s not one or two trust marbles you lose – it’s a handful. Here are some ideas on ways to grow trust one incremental gesture at a time.

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