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Leadership is a Privilege

If we got rid of your title would people still follow you?

Innovation, the will to change and owning the success of a business are the result of leadership. Sadly, the average workplace is well…average. And, you don’t get much of a return on mediocrity.

Leadership is a choice, not a position. And leadership has the power to turn average into exceptional. This presentation is about the kind of leadership that chooses service over self-interest and sees people’s talents as gifts to mine vs. assets to be managed. Your leaders will be challenged to see themselves as stewards of people’s potential. Your audience will be given countless suggestions for inspiring people to show up to work every day fully awake, fully engaged and firing on all cylinders.

It’s about finding the passion and GUTS to move the organization in bold, new directions, to step out on to the lunatic fringe where new ideas are given birth and new breakthroughs are found, and the GUTS to blow up the old rules and create new ones.

We unpack the character strengths of gutsy leaders and shows you how these strengths play out in some of the world’s most admired companies.

This presentation equips your leaders with multiple ideas for making your company a BEST PLACE, where the BEST PEOPLE, can do their BEST WORK to make the WORLD BETTER 

The ROI of Culture

Right now, your business has a culture. The question is: Is it intentionally–designed with conscious effort‑-or is it accidental?

Whether it’s purposeful or accidental, your culture is influencing your organization’s success right now. What you collectively value, how you do things when no one is looking, and your commonly held rites, rituals, beliefs and expectations define your culture.

Culture touches everything and affects everything—including the inspiration, ingenuity, innovation and accountability people bring to the game. How your employees interact with one another, the passion they have in doing their jobs and the way they treat customers are determined by culture.

What do the most admired companies in the world have in common? What do the most successful CEOs say is their major differentiator? Culture by design. A world-class culture is a powerful competitive advantage because it is extremely difficult to replicate.

The right culture is a magnet for extraordinary talent. The right talent turns customers into brand fanatics with products and experiences they can’t live without.  Culture makes capital dance.

This presentation is about how leaders THINK and what they DO to create, protect and promote a culture that inspires people to bring their best selves to work and make the business truly stand out.

Culture is not Soft, culture is Hard! Culture is a part of your bottom line and it takes fearless leaders to drive results through culture. A purposeful, strategic culture will drive AMAZING RESULTS from the inside-out!

This presentation offers countless examples of fearless leadership, inspired cultures and the bottom line benefits.


WHAT IF everyone in your organization had the courage to bring ideas to life?

What if they refused to be held hostage by history and demonstrated an active bias against the status quo, a bias for action? What if a critical mass of people in your business had an unflinching desire to risk more, fail faster and transform new ideas into powerful, elegant solutions?

Move innovation from a tired cliché to a powerful competitive advantage by getting everyone in your organization to adopt three critical roles: NOTICE, LEAD and DISRUPT.

Innovators NOTICE because they constantly look—for ways to run the business better, differentiate the business more and grow the business faster. Imagine what can happen in your business if everyone started noticing opportunities for process, product, service, business model and brand innovation.

While others walk past problems that have become “White Noise” or simply stand on the sidelines waiting for direction, innovators LEAD by speaking up and stepping into the breach. They don’t wait for permission or make excuses; they make things happen. Imagine the speed with which your business could get out front if people, at all levels, seized the opportunity to lead.

Innovators aren’t afraid to DISRUPT. They have the GUTS to move the organization in bold, new directions, to step out on to the lunatic fringe where new ideas are given birth and new breakthroughs for growth are found.

Enable all people to Notice, Lead and Innovate

Future Trends

What do companies like Nike, Method, Beringer Wine, lululemon, Volvo and Tom’s Shoes, just to name a few know that you don’t know?

How do they develop products, services, marketing strategies and brand appeal that reach WOMEN?

Why do women prefer some hotels over others? What do some websites do to attract women that others don’t? Find out how to get the attention of women—a wealthy and purchase powerful demographic that is under-represented, misunderstood and often ignored.

Does your workforce reflect the demographics of the customers you serve? Are your leaders equipped to inspire multiple generations of workers? Are you relevant to a customer that is becoming more diverse?

With the research and insight of an investigative journalist, the storytelling skills of an Oscar-winning director and the experience of a 20-year entrepreneur, Jackie answers these questions and more with insightful and useful examples from companies that get it and some who don’t.

Your audience will get a front-row seat to how progressive companies all over the globe are cashing in on a market opportunity that is bigger than India and China combined—the $20 trillion SheEconomy.

With more wealth, purchasing power, independence and influence than ever, women have become a major social, cultural and economic force. If you hire her, work with her, market to her or simply want to better understand her, this presentation is more than a future trend it is loaded with strategies worth knowing and using.

In this presentation, you will learn what it takes to… Lead to get her (Lead Together) and earn her favor!

Delight Your Customers!

Are you worthy of the loyalty you desire?

A brand is a promise of a pending experience. It says to your employees: Come to work here and this is the kind of culture you will experience, these are the kind of leaders you will rub shoulders with and this is the infrastructure, systems and training support we will give you to succeed.

It says to your guests: Do business with us and these are the kind of competent, impassioned people who will serve you, this is the kind of experience you will have with our products and here’s how our solutions will help you achieve your dreams.

If you deliver on this promise your brand equity goes up; if you don’t it doesn’t.

Powerful brands are created from the inside-out by people who see their work as a cause and live out loud, the values driving the cause.

People; not products and services are the great differentiator because people deliver the brand experience–leaders to employees and employees to customers and guests.

What makes your brand stand out? It’s all about the EXPERIENCE. Borrowing from one of our clients, Vail Resorts, creating the ultimate guest experience starts with employees who…


People Engaged…. Want the WHY!

What if our organizations were as human as the human beings in them?

What if we created a culture that deserves the extraordinary gifts and talents our employees bring to the game? What if we could leapfrog engagement for the kind of exhilaration and exuberance that designs world-class products and creates remarkable customer experiences?

The engagement studies show that in almost every business around the world we have too many…

Dead People Working.

You cannot compete in the world today without innovation and you can’t innovate without a steady flow of fresh ideas from people who are turned on and fired up about what they do. If only one in eight people are fully engaged in and enthusiastic about their jobs, our businesses are screwed.

The fact is, people won’t engage if their work isn’t engaging. People won’t change if there is nothing worth changing for. People won’t levy their voice if no one is listening.

You certainly can’t legislate passion, imagination and initiative; but you can inspire it.

This presentation gives leaders the tools to inspire people at all levels to WANT to make a difference. You will gain insights on what it takes to move beyond WHAT (the job) and HOW (the skills needed to drive results). These days what matters most in driving engagement is the WHY — the mission, purpose and impact of what you do and how you do it. It’s never been more timely than now to reminder your leaders of the three primary questions driving engagement:

Does my manager care? Are my ideas valued? And, is my contribution making a difference?

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