Kevin and Jackie

Event Material

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Room and A/V Needs for Two Speakers

When Kevin and Jackie present simultaneously.

Please give a copy of these requirements to the person who is responsible for audio-visual and room set-up arrangements at the meeting facility.

We appreciate your attention to detail and your willingness to partner with us in creating the very best experience for your audience.

Audio Visual Material

Microphones. Cordless lapel or lavaliere microphone. Kevin and Jackie would like the freedom to move on the stage and within the meeting room. (If the room & audience are small enough, microphones will not be used.) An outdoor wireless speaker set would be preferable to avoid too many wires and since the venue’s area is not really that huge we can factor out signal loss.

Projector. LCD projector for a Keynote presentation. Kevin and Jackie will bring their own Macintosh laptop computer and wireless remote control. Please provide a compatible high-end LCD projector. (The computer has standard VGA output.)

Sound patch. The Keynote presentations include embedded video clips so a sound patch cord from the computer to the room’s sound system will be required.

Projection screen. Must be large enough to be seen by every audience member. It is important that the bottom of the screen is visible from the back of the room. The screen can be centered directly behind Kevin and Jackie’s speaking area or positioned in a front corner of the room.

Room Arrangements

Lighting. The energy and “electricity” in the room are increased when Kevin and Jackie can see the audience and when the audience members can see each other’s reactions. For this reason Kevin and Jackie would like to have the house lights (excluding florescent lights) turned up full.

No head table or other obstacle between the lectern and the audience. Jackie and Kevin appreciates the opportunity to connect with the audience by moving around and into the group, whenever possible.

Lectern with space for an 8.5 x 11-inch notebook.

Cocktail table for the computer — set right next to the lectern.

Kevin and Jackie always allows the client to video / audio tape for archival purposes, we require for a copy of the video/audio taping in return for our permission. They will carry a flash drive master and work with the video/audio technician for an immediate master copy. (Please include the introduction on the master copy.) Also, if the videographer is not able to make the copy immediately onto the flash drive that Kevin and Jackie carries, then it must be a MASTER COPY and due to our office within 2 weeks after the event (A DVD copy does not work).