Dr. Kevin Freiberg

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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

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Dr. Kevin L. Freiberg

(pronounced “Fry-berg”)

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If you’re interested in:

• Accelerating Innovation;
• building an organization that is HUNGRY FOR CHANGE, and
• creating a culture where impassioned people show up to work everyday
fully AWAKE, fully ENGAGED and firing on ALL CYLINDERS
…then I think you’ll be interested in hearing from our next guest.

He has made a career out of equipping leaders for a world of change.

With over 800,000 copies sold worldwide, he is an international best-selling author. His award-winning books introduce you to gutsy, go-for-it leaders who err on the side of optimism and dare to dream big.

The kind of people who fill a room with energy, draw the best out of others, and do things others say can’t be done.

You should probably know this guy has made a few enemies. His enemies are:

Complacency and indifference. Inflexibility. Unquestioned assumptions. Dead People WorkingTM. Entitlement. Talented people who make excuses and act like victims. Self-important, arrogant bosses. Fear-based cultures. Bureaucracies that choke passion, imagination and initiative. Terminal seriousness. And, people who are preoccupied with precedent and held hostage by history.

LET ME TELL YOU — WITH THIS GUY, NOBODY GETS OFF THE HOOK! He’ll stomp on your toes, challenge you to stop making excuses and encourage you to blow the doors off BUSINESS-AS-USUAL!

Would you please welcome

Dr. Kevin Freiberg (Fry-berg)!