Dr. Jackie Freiberg

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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

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Dr. Jackie Freiberg

(pronounced “Fry-berg”)

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For more than 28 years, Jackie has been helping people build great leadership brands. She works with leaders to create Cultures of Innovation. Jackie is a business owner, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. She speaks and writes on Leadership, Innovation, Employee Engagement, Cause, Team Chemistry and The SheEconomy. Jackie is the co-author of 8 award-winning books including:

NUTS! The international bestseller describing Southwest Airlines’ leadership, service culture and profitability.

CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness

And most recently, Bochy Ball! The Chemistry of Winning and Losing in Baseball, Business and Life – a how-to for building chemistry and leading people to perform like champions.


Please welcome Dr. Jackie Freiberg (Fry-berg)!