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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Jackie is #4 of Barry Moltz’s TOP TEN!

“The 10 Best Things I Heard During 250 Radio Interviews” by Barry Moltz


  1. Seth Godin – “Offer things that are more magical.”
  2. Christopher Lochhead – “Follow your different.”
  3. Sally Helgesen – “Make sure people know the value you are contributing.”
  4. Jackie Freiberg “Hiring for talent isn’t enough, hire for character to complete the package.”
  5. Bob Burg – “Tact and kindness should never be confused with compromise.”
  6. Susan Fennema – “Think about what you’re doing every day and what is a repeatable process.”
  7. Jessica Abo – “Don’t let others’ social media highlight reel distract your from your goals.”
  8. Bill Himmelstein – “Privacy in the workplace is now paramount.”
  9. Kathy Longo – “Don’t avoid conversations about money.”
  10. Neel Grover – “Activate customers to act as your best advocates.”


Listen to Jackie’s full podcast with Barry to learn more about hiring for talent, skill AND character to enhance culture and chemistry.





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