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How Leaders Use Social Media to Build a ‘Trustworthy’ Brand

Listening to Chris Brogan talk about social media is like drinking great wine from a fire hose. But then again, that is social media—great stuff, but there is just so much of it coming at you so darn fast. The question leaders should be asking is how do we actually enjoy it and use it wisely to build and promote a brand that people can trust and not just get drunk on it?

Social media is a new and exciting game with unimagined possibilities, new rules of conduct and a boat-load of questions yet to be answered.

According to Brogan, building a “trustworthy” brand or reputation in the social media scene happens by giving and adding value. What are you in it for, to give or to get?

Brogan offered some great questions at the LE Web convention in Paris:

If your business is using social media how do you plan to…

  • share info vs. just sell it?
  • collaborate vs. tell?
  • move from a “home” based website to become a junction box that connects people to other really cool sites and then loops back to you?
  • make social media real, lasting and extend the experience for people?
  • deliver on your SM promises, make the expected experience an actual experience?
  • create a dialogue, a multi-way conversation vs. a one way conversation with your audience?
  • keep it real, keep it human, keep it authentic and personable in the midst of so much technology?

Like it or not, you’re in a highly connected world so buckle up and CYA. Think before you speak, think before you link, think before you add a friend, think before you blog, and please think before you tweet.

We’re jumping in and we’re thrilled that Chris Brogan is walking his talk and so freely sharing his knowledge.

How are you and your organization using social media to answer Chris’s questions?

Watch Chris’s full presentation.

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