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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Presentation Skills

I highly recommend Jackie and Kevin as speech coaches for anyone wanting to improve their skill. Public speaking can be a frustrating and frightening experience, even for Marines. The Freibergs facilitated a presentation skills course for our Marine Corps Recruiters School students. From speech preparation to presentation of the message the Marines improvement was incredible.

KR Howell B.S., M.A.
MSgt USMC (Ret)!

presentation skillsThis workshop teaches leaders the art of communication and leans on the power of practice. Public speaking is daunting; there is no better test of a leader’s ability to handle stress than a high-pressure presentation. Over the last twenty years Jackie and Kevin have trained more than 1500 Marine Recruiters a year on the Fundamentals of Delivering a Winning Presentation. They have been uncomfortable witnesses to plenty of company meetings lead by nervous executives who drone on and get a polite golf clap when they end.

Jackie and Kevin use a tested methodology to help leaders practice the skills needed to be clear, passionate, persuasive, trustworthy and far more confident on their feet leading meetings and delivering presntations.

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