Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe
For Business and Personal Success

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

How can a company be so NUTS and be so successful?

Now, Southwest’s secrets are out. Management consultants, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, describe the inner workings of one of America’s biggest success stories. They know Southwest, inside and out, having worked with the company for more than 10 years. Isn’t it NUTS for a company to: avoid TQM, reengineering and the other management fads of the last 25 years; believe that customers come second; settle major legal disputes by arm wrestling; avoid formal, documented, strategic planning; spend more time planning parties than writing policies; make the “lone ranger” leadership mentality a thing of the past?

Read NUTS! excerpts.

Malice In Dallas

America In The Air

Minute By Minute

Teaching Whales To Fly