Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe
For Business and Personal Success

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg


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Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success

  • This very detailed, colorful, and authorized story of Southwest Airlines’ unmatched success will give you and your organization a blueprint for strategic change in leadership, culture and service.  NUTS! gives every reader permission to engage in new patterns of behavior and leadership.  NUTS! defines vision as the true boss and offers a how to on creating a culture of service and accountability — a culture that is purposeful not accidental.

If you take time to read only one business book this year, I strongly encourage you to read NUTS!

Tom Peters, NUTS! foreword

The malady of our time is that so many people have lost their sense of meaning, purpose and dignity. Alienated and empty, these people go home from work exhausted and dehumanized. We are not suggesting that work can or should completely replace the emptiness many people feel in their lives. But work does play a significant role in determining our level of fulfillment. Our hope is that the story of Southwest Airlines’ success will give you and your organization permission for new patterns of behavior, for living more freely, for new hopes translated into a new vision, and ultimately, for a new organization.

Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

Most of us take ourselves too seriously. When we’re wrapped up in protecting our egos and holding onto life too tightly, it’s easy to become rigid and boring. Think about the people you have the most fun being around. Are they people who can laugh at themselves? Are they people who can make you laugh by making light of their idiosyncrasies? Do yourself, your family and your organization a big favor–lighten up. If Southwest’s corporate culture teaches us anything, it’s that employees and customers will love us for creating an environment where they can have fun. But the permission they get to loosen up must come from our example. There is a spirit of liberty and freedom among people who don’t take themselves too seriously. If you haven’t experienced it yet, take a cue from the people of Southwest. Check your ego at the door and quit pretending that you’re always calm, cool and collected. If you do something stupid, foolish or clumsy–and you will–it won’t be the end of the world. Laugh about it and move on.

The Choice is Yours, The Time is Now

The people of Southwest Airlines have shown us that we can laugh and celebrate more often, pursue purposes that give us a sense of heroism, simplify things without invalidating ourselves or our work, take more risks and think more unconventionally, express the off-the-wall part of ourselves more freely and live and work in a way that is lovelier and more loving. This is why they are so alive. It is also why they are often accused of being nuts. There will always be those who lounge in the safety of convention, who criticize you for daring to live life authentically in order to justify themselves. These are the same people who are off seeking permission while the rest of us are pursuing our dreams. At this point you have a choice. You can treat this book as an entertaining story that you will refer to from time to time or you can energize your life and work by going NUTS.