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8 Rules for Nanovation

Innovate or Perish

Nanovation, a leaders “how to” on innovation and execution,
now available in bookstores.

1. Get Wired for Innovation!

Everyone has the potential to innovate. However, Nanovators are wired different. Who are they? How do they think? What makes them tick? What do they bring to the game that makes nanovation possible? The Freibergs will show you how to hire, inspire and equip people to think big, act bold, and Nanovate.

2. Question the unquestionable.

Question it! Step out of the prevailing paradigm. Think like an outsider. Challenge your taken-for-granted assumptions—about the way the world works, about your customer’s expectations, and what your employees are truly capable of doing.

3. Look for the intersection of trends to find opportunities.

You can’t win with yesterday’s ideas, so what are the big, converging trends that are headed your way? You’ll find white space where rising trends intersect. In that white space is a huge opportunity for innovation.

4. Jettison the incumbent mentality.

Incumbents are vulnerable to the often-fatal trap of thinking the future will be more of the same only better—more choices, better features, and better design—all incremental improvements on yesterday’s headline. Nanovators don’t think “best practice” they are think “next practice.” Nanovators see the future as a whole new game and leap-frog “best” with entirely new rules.

5. Look beyond customer imagination for next big thing.

Customers are smart and never to be underestimated. But customers don’t always know what they want and if they do know, they can’t always tell you. Nanovators start a lot of conversations with “What if?” and respond to a lot of push back with “Why not?” and “Why not now?”

6. Let limitations drive creativity vs. complacency.

Nanovators see limitations as invitations to innovation and opportunities to differentiate vs. constraints and excuses for why it can’t be done! Limited resources forced the design team to be extremely creative in every aspect of the Nano’s design.

7. Look for breakthroughs beyond your industry.

Some of the best ideas for game-changing innovation will come from outside your industry. The question is: Do you have the guts to look beyond what’s comfortable and familiar? Do you have the wisdom to avoid the “not invented here” syndrome?

8. Dare to Try! Risk more to gain more.

The fact is, you can’t innovate without experimenting and you can’t experiment without making some mistakes. Companies like Tata Motors and Southwest Airlines have created cultures where it is safe for people to try new things and test new ideas.

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