Companies that Blow the Doors
Off Business-As-Usual

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

The Business Case for Reading GUTS!

  • Take the unconventional strategies used by industry pioneers to create long-term, record profits and turn them into concrete actions that will make your organization more competitive.
  • Hire people who don’t suck energy out of your organization and develop leaders who are powerful magnets for world-class talent. While many technology companies are downsizing, SAS Institute is aggressively recruiting people for positions it doesn’t have. Find out why.
  • Create a place where impassioned people come to work fully engaged and have the determination to create remarkable experiences everyday that translate into the customer loyalty you desire. Learn why, in the aftermath of 9/11, USAA paid out a life insurance claim when the customer had no policy.
  • Establish a blame-free culture where trust frees smart people from dumb processes and stimulates the kind of experimentation that leads to new product and service innovations. Find out how the captain of a billion dollar war ship changed the Navy by turning the USS Benfold over to his crew.
  • Inspire people to assume ownership for the success of the business and take responsibility for the decisions they make and the outcomes that ensue. See how Southwest Airlines’ crazy profit and loss statement transforms ordinary employees into business literate, cost-conscious entrepreneurs.
  • Stop competing solely on price and “de-commoditize” your business by finding creative ways to add more value to your customers. Uncover the secret that enables Planet Honda to sell 40% more new cars than the average Honda dealer while charging $500 more per car than its competitors.
  • Define your business in terms of a larger, more noble and heroic cause that inspires people to execute with a sense of urgency, perform at higher levels and deliver extraordinary results. Discover how Medtronic—where 70% of all new sales come from products developed in the last two years—creates a direct line of sight from the factory worker to the customer.
  • Learn what causes employees to climb mountains, break down walls and leap tall buildings for the good of the company and its customers. GUTS describes how Quad/Graphics, the $1.8 billion dollar printing company created a culture where employees are fanatical about their organization.