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Do Something Now!

Do Something Now!

DSN Do Something Now! Three simple letters. Three simple words that could change your organization—change your life. The scarcest resource in organizations right now is not money or talent or ideas or power; it’s people who DO, people who add value and get things done. This book will inspire Dreamers to become Doers. Everyone wants to add value and this book shows you how.

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Praise for DSN:

I AM DOING SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! I am a venture capitalist. I don’t give
a 5 star out easily and certainly it is very hard to convince a guy who has built
and invested in so many companies that your ideas are better or cleaner or will make a difference. I would get this book fast, especially for entire companies. DO SOMETHING NOW shows us how to unlock the potential of personal innovation and how to harness it into actionable and accountable results.

Billy Glynn
CEO, Brand Equity, Inc.

Get Off The Log! Three frogs sat on a log at the edge of the swamp. One decided to jump in. How many frogs are still on the log? Nope! There are still three. Deciding and doing are not the same. Progress, success and growth are all the result of execution, not dreaming, planning or deciding. And, Do Something Now by the prolific and provocative Freibergs will give you and your organization the courage and capacity to get off the log! Read this excellent book and turn great intentions into productive results.

Chip Bell
Bestselling Author and Customer Loyalty Guru

As a leader who is passionate about bringing out the best in people
and organizations, I am amazed by how often the best results are held back by one simple thing: The failure to act. Do Something Now shows us how to fight through the things that hold us back from achieving greatness as individuals, teams, and businesses. This simple blueprint empowers us to create more fulfilling lives and more successful businesses by inspiring us to take action and DO SOMETHING NOW!

Sheldon Harris
CEO, Complete Nutrition, Co-Founder, Cold Stone Creamery