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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Will Work For A Cause

What motivates people to bring their best selves to work?

An invitation to change the world, a cause worth fighting for. When people find something noble and heroic to be part of, their lives and work take on greater meaning and significance. They become more impassioned, more willing to think like owners of the business and more committed to the growth of the enterprise.

A heroic cause has a magnetic affect on great talent.

World-class people gravitate to companies where they know they can have an impact. Yet, the research shows that the global workforce is still disengaged. Too many employees have become Dead People Working.™

A critical part of the employee engagement equation has been missing. Companies spend too much time focused on HOW and not the WHY. “How do we equip our people to do a job? How do we develop our people to be leaders and innovators? How do we get them to be accountable and change?” Maybe we should be asking:

Have we given them anything worth changing for?

CAUSE will show you how to give people something worth changing for.

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