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What Kills…

What’s Killing People?

A Culture That Sucks

A culture that sucks the life, passion, and energy out of people. People are dead because the places where they work lack interest, audacity, imagination, and zeal. Too many of us are working in companies that are sucking the passion, energy, and enthusiasm out of us by the hour.

These days it’s very unusual for an outsider to ask: “What is it about your work environment that makes people so passionate about coming to work? How do you keep people so engaged, customers so loyal, and competitors so worried?”

In most organizations there’s nothing about the culture worth asking about. If no one is breaking down the door, trying to find out what makes people remarkably different, is it any wonder?

The average corporate culture is, well, just average.

Stagnant work. Ask your friends, “What’s new and exciting at work? What amazing things are you doing? What really cool problems are you working on now?” You’re likely to get a lot of blank stares. People “flatline” because of the boredom, meaninglessness, and sense of futility they have at work. The Dead Sea got its name for a reason: it’s stagnant, nothing lives there. The same could be said for work in many places.

Complacent leaders. No one is completely content with stagnant work and an uninspiring culture, but when was the last time you saw an impassioned leader throw down the gauntlet in outrage at the waste of human talent? When was the last time you heard an executive ask, “Are we worthy of the loyalty we desire? Do we have a culture that deserves the very best gifts and talents our people can bring to the game? Do we merit the outpouring of passion, ingenuity, initiative, and commitment we need to grow the business?”

A culture that sucks. Stagnant work. Complacent leaders. The effect is disastrous because people lose their hearts, suppress their dreams, lower their expectations, and abandon all hope for a sense of adventure. Then, resignation sets in.

Submissive resignation is slowly killing people at work.

Trying to make ends meet or maintain their standard of living, many people are simply okay with just getting by—until they wake up and find that resignation has turned to regret.

“Getting by.” Are you kidding? That’s not what we were made for!

We were made to use the gifts and talents that were planted in us for noble, worthy purposes. We were made to experience nothing less than LIFE at work and LIFE while living.

It’s time to stop sacrificing our desire for life on the altar of just “getting by.”

Don’t let RESIGNATION kill you.

National Life does not tolerate resignation. This company is committed to creating a workplace were everyone, everywhere, every day feels valued, adds value, and lives the values.

“Ours is a very special profession. People look to us to help them prepare for an unknown future. Whether it is economic challenges or life unexpected, we provide solutions that offer assurance for a better tomorrow.”
— Mehran Assadi

In its ongoing quest to be an employer of choice, National Life’s company culture is built around the tenets of Servant Leadership—respect, integrity, trust, passion, and service. The culture is grounded in more than 167 years of leadership and service to millions of policy holders and thousands of advisors and employees.

National Life is on a journey to help all employees and partners fully understand the importance of what they do. They don’t make computers, cars, or widgets. They make promises! Their job is to deliver on those promises 10, 20, 50 years down the road.

Iola Carusi bought a National Life Insurance Company policy on October 12, 1929, just three weeks before the nation’s first and most historic stock market crash. Iola was 19 years old. In December 2010, with her eyes bright and her smile strong, she turned 100 years old. National Life’s relationship with Iola has spanned more than 80 years.

What other business can claim an ongoing, 80-year relationship of trust and service with a customer?

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