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Praise for CAUSE!


Today, employers tout their larger “social” mission as a way to attract and motivate employees – and especially Millennials.

For generations, marketers have talked about a unique “point of difference” for their brands.

In our neighborhood, we all know that one person whom we can approach for help, under any circumstances.

What do all three of these examples have in common? Whether we call it “Purpose,” or “Cause,” we all intuitively understand that people, brands, and companies motivated by a core reason, or a prime passion, perform better. They have more fun. They act as leaders. They attract followers.

Even though in daily life we often forget these principles, don’t you want to be this type of person, want to push this type of brand forward, want to work harder for this type of company?

If so, learn from the Freibergs and their insightful research underpinning CAUSE and you can start transforming those around you, too.” – C. David Minifie, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Centene Corporation


“CAUSE! packs a powerful punch!

Over many years the Freibergs have helped me show our players that we are playing for something bigger—For the San Francisco Giants, it’s about entertaining people, elevating their spirits and creating a place for community.

Reminding players of our CAUSE has created an uncanny level of unselfishness and chemistry among our players that makes winning possible. After reading CAUSE! it is clear that mission driven companies like National Life Group are far better positioned to win as well.” – Bruce Bochy, Manager, Three-time World Champion San Francisco Giants


“Jackie and Kevin Freiberg always focus on the greater good. That’s why I love CAUSE! It’s all about people and organizations who feel called to make a difference—to serve a purpose far beyond the typical bottom line. The book’s design is a feast for the eyes and its message is food for the soul. Read this book and serve at a higher level.” — Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Collaboration Begins with You


“There are few business books that truly have the power to change the world, but CAUSE! is one of them. In this book, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg clearly show how having a heroic cause attracts great talent, while motivating people to bring their best selves to work. Do your organization a huge favor and read this book right now!” — Peter Economy, The Leadership Guy, INC.COM


“Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech did not start with the words: “I have a strategic plan.” Movements are propelled by a dream, a vision…a compelling cause. Great enterprises are at their very best enduring movements for goodness. The Freibergs’ powerful book CAUSE! is more than a clear blueprint for success; it is also a poignant design for organizational nobleness. Read it and get ready to have your perspective and practice redirected toward the soul of excellence.” — Chip R. Bell, Author of Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service


“I gave this book to my dad. He called me the very next day to tell me to read 1st Corinthians, versus 13 and 14. He said that’s what our ‘story’ is all about. He turns 89 next week and is a retired minister. He said that he is enjoying learning about the company that his daughter has been with for thirty years. Another great way to share the book. My 21 year old son loved it too! It is a great message for him to hear as he graduates from college and begins the next chapter in his journey. A book for all ages ‘be Cause’ the message is GOOD!” – Amazon Customer


“When you work for a company with a cause – a company that publicly commits to showing up as its best corporate self every day; you are compelled to show up as your best self. It’s like you “both” meet for coffee in the morning and say to each other “Together we can do this. Together we got this!” Now that’s a culture (and a cup of coffee) worth going to work for!” – Amazon Customer


“A Hymn to Business!
Goodbye to unbridled greed, hello to respect for humanity. Jackie and Kevin Freiberg’s refreshing corporate analysis underscores the importance of employee input, passion, and commitment.
CAUSE! is a must-read for those who want a comprehensive view of the 2016 business world.” – Kathryn Portle, Amazon Customer


In all of my 30 years of marketing and distribution , I have never come across a value proposition that was so unique and set apart from mainstream sameness!!!
I have witnessed many organizations banging their collective heads against the wall distributing the same look alike products over and over again , fighting with each other over market share with essentially the same worn out stories and approach!!
In a common sense effort to differentiate yourself from the ” sea of sameness “, the book ” Cause “, is a blue print for business strategy that breaks free from the pack and introduces the illusive X factor into any organization desiring to truly stand apart from the rest!
Cause “revs” up the inner human fire as to what is really important in life and in the workplace!
We all want to make a positive and worthy contribution to society and yet leave a mark somehow with our legacy!
This book is a great feel good read that inspires, as well as touches, the inner soul of what can go right when striving for success!!! – Amazon Customer


“CAUSE is one of the best Business Strategy books I have read off late. It well documents how companies that work for a cause stand out. Having Worked at National life Group for more than 6 years , I can very well relate to this.” – Amazon Customer


“This is an excellent book about a great ethical company – National Life Group – and how Mehran Assadi with the help of Jackie Freiberg, transformed the culture to one of Servant Leadership. I have worked with National Life for a couple of years and they are a great company who primarily serves the middle class and women, with great products and great service. This is a great read – both inspirational and educational. I highly recommend it.” – Susie Makinster, Amazon Customer


“People today want to be part of something noble and heroic. CAUSE tells us what can happen when a business is defined as a cause. This is an inspiring read that will make us all take a closer look at whether we are doing something heroic with our lives.” – Amazon Customer