7 Choices for Blowing the Doors
Off Business-As-Usual

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

A Personal Note From The Authors

You Are Designed to Choose…and Defined by Your Choices

The freedom to choose may be the most powerful attribute and precious resource you have in your life. It shapes who you become, how you express yourself, the success you achieve and your influence in the world. You are a product of your choices, not your conditions. Your choices will determine whether you become a person who is truly indispensable or one who is hardly missed.

Choice #1: Be a Player

Extraordinary Happens When Ordinary People Do Whatever It Takes

In the game of life, there are players and those who shrink from their God-given abilities. Players charge onto the field with passion, energy and a desire to win—sometimes they get their hands dirty, their faces sweaty and their bodies bloody and bruised by giving their all to the game. Blowing the doors off business-as-usual and coming to work fully alive starts with understanding what makes a “player” a player.

Choice #2: Be Accountable

There is No “THEY”—Only You and Me

Using I don’t have authority is an excuse for doing nothing. Leadership is not a title, nor is it a position; it’s a choice, an act of passion, purpose and influence.

Your happiness, job satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and ultimate success depend upon YOU not THEM. When you refuse to shift the responsibility for these things to someone else you stop being a victim! Tribalism: Us vs. them, and it’s not my job destroys teamwork, cooperation and competitiveness. Being indispensable means recognizing that the REAL OPPONENT is out there among your competitors, not in here among your teammates.

Choice #3: Choose Service Over Self-interest

Me-First Rarely Delivers the Desired Outcome

The world is not here to make you happy. Your happiness comes from using your gifts to serve the world. If you dare to live beyond the boundaries of self-concern and self-indulgence; if you walk into work with an unwavering desire to enrich the lives of others; then your ability to make a difference would be far-reaching and profound. And you blow the doors off business-as-usual.

Choice # 4: Focus Forward

Your Future Isn’t in the Rear View Mirror

You can focus on what isn’t working, why it can’t be done and who’s to blame, or you can focus on what is working, how it can be done and what we want to achieve. You can be part of the solution or part of the problem. To focus forward is to move from “YA BUT…” to “YES AND…” and “WHAT IF…?”

Choice # 5: Play to Your Genius

Your Work Is a Statement About You

Your work is your signature—make it a masterpiece. To know that your work counts is to know that you count. If you engage in work that makes you come alive, the world will beat a path to your door. Defy mediocrity and make yourself indispensable by playing to your genius and engaging in work that matters.

Choice # 6: Get It Done

Success is the Reward for Those Who Make a Difference

No one is paying you today for what you did yesterday. When you stop bringing something of value to the game, the game is over! Become a junction box for knowledge; find a way to get smarter, better, faster. Speak up, tell it like it is, think for yourself. People who get it done and make a difference choose results over rhetoric and red tape.

Choice # 7: Risk More – Gain More

The World Isn’t Changed by Those Who are Unwilling to Take Risks

Life without risk and adventure is a life not fully lived. You will never discover your true capabilities unless you explore the boundaries and test the limits of what you can achieve. Experimentation and failure are prerequisites to creativity, innovation and growth. The land of intent is littered with “wanna-bes” and “could-bes” and “should’ve-beens” who pondered, planned and pontificated, but failed to act. Life is not a dress rehearsal. The key to blowing the doors off business-as-usual is to stop getting ready and do something NOW!