7 Choices for Blowing the Doors
Off Business-As-Usual

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg


Have you ever heard yourself say something like this?

In over 20 years of business we’ve never heard a client say,

Our people take too many risks, they assume way too much responsibility, and we’ve got to get them to slow down when it comes to taking initiative.

Instead, the people at our events tell us:

  • We want everyone in our organization to be moved by the major threats facing our business and our industry.
  • We want people to respond with a sense of urgency to the significant opportunities the market presents.
  • We want everyone to be obsessed with and fixated on developing themselves and helping others succeed.
  • We want people to be dogged in their pursuit of creating lifetime customer loyalty.
  • We want every person to have the guts to test new ideas and challenge the status quo.
  • When waste and redundancy make people’s jobs more difficult, we want everyone in the organization to be agitated—even outraged—as if it were their own money going down the tubes!
  • When managers become too controlling or departments fall into silos or the practice of tribalism, we want our coworkers to be incensed enough to speak up.
  • When the organization achieves a major breakthrough or wins a new piece of business, we want to celebrate; we want everybody to be genuinely excited and optimistic.
  • When anyone in our organization talks to people at social gatherings or community events, we want them to speak about the business with the sincere affection and genuine enthusiasm of a prideful ambassador.
  • We want people to take more responsibility, assume more ownership and be more accountable for the success of the organization. We want them to stop waiting for permission to act—and ACT!

Will You Be Missed?

So, what about you? If you had the opportunity to hire you tomorrow, would you do it? If you left your organization tomorrow, would you be missed? Would your customers and colleagues mourn your departure? Would the organization feel a deep sense of loss? Are you indispensable?

In BOOM! are seven choices waiting to be made. These choices will determine the quality of your life and the significance of your contribution to the world in which you work. They will determine whether you become a person who is truly indispensable or one who is hardly missed.

If you make these seven choices, you will build a reputation among your team, inside your company and throughout your community for being the kind of person others can’t live without. And make no mistake, in the end, how you live your life is your choice.

We invite you to join the movement.