7 Choices for Blowing the Doors
Off Business-As-Usual

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

An Invitation

From the invitation at the end of BOOM!

Throughout these pages we have invited you to be a player, to step out of the crowd, to step off the sideline and onto the field. We’ve challenged you to stop pretending that you are in the game and actually get in the game. We’ve encouraged you to speak the truth and challenge the people, policies, and practices that jeopardize your organization’s future. We’ve tried to convince you that leadership is a choice, not a title, and that doing nothing will lead you to failure more often than it will success. But you already know this. Like us, you can point to a number of times in your life when a window of opportunity to make a difference opened, you hesitated, you ignored the call, you failed to act, and then it closed. Had you stepped through fear and into the adventure, your life and the lives of others would look very different today. You can’t do anything about the moments you’ve lost, but you can learn from them. You can let them inspire you and give you the courage to get up and do something now.

There is a revolution under way; it’s a revolution of men and women who refuse to be victims and who choose to take charge of their lives at work—a revolution that will blow the doors off business-as-usual. Those of us involved in this revolution—from executives to the front line—are absolutely convinced that the culture and the success of the organization is the will of the people as much as it is the will of the CEO. We are also convinced that this is our moment—a moment when the world is ready to reach beyond the mediocrity of dead people working and grab hold of something new. On our watch we want to do something extraordinary with our gifts and talents. History will be the judge, but the script is up to us. We invite you to join this movement by embracing the seven choices presented in this book, the seven choices you must make if you are going to blow the doors off business-as-usual!

If you accept our call to arms and join this revolution, at least three things will happen: you will expand your influence, you will become a positive force for change, and you will live with fewer regrets. Now, you can say, “Revolution is a frighteningly strong word. Slaying dragons and storming castles isn’t for the faint at heart.” You can procrastinate and rationalize: “I’ll do it tomorrow or next week.” Or you can refuse to let the potential for failure hold you back. You can close this book and take a significant step toward making your mark in the world right now by reading The Manifesto on the next page, signing it, making it your own, and then committing yourself to living it out loud!

Whichever way you decide to go, keep in mind: time is a tyrant. It takes no prisoners, and it never stands still. The moments of opportunity you miss at work and in life can never be regained. Your life is not a dress rehearsal. Your life is now. Time is ticking.

Guess what? IT’S YOUR MOVE!