7 Choices for Blowing the Doors
Off Business-As-Usual

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg


The BOOM Effect: What leaders and teams are telling us.

BOOM! is the speech every leader wants to give and every employee wants to live!

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7 Choices for Fueling Leadership and Accountability

  • Whether you are the CEO or working on the front line, your contributions matter. The creation of a phenomenal culture is never unidirectional and the success of the business is as much the will of the people as it is the will of the executive team. A culture of engagement, commitment and accountability is about people at all levels working with a whatever-it-takes spirit throughout the organization. BOOM! provides 7 timely and timeless choices for re-inventing your personal leadership brand and developing pockets of excellence that will fuel an overall culture of leadership and accountability.

Leaders, BOOM! shows you how to:

  • Motivate the unmotivated—dead people working
  • Create a culture of commitment and accountability
  • Jettison tribalism, silo-building and turf protection
  • Create a critical mass of people who take charge of their lives at work
  • Inspire the kind of risk taking that leads to world-class innovation
  • Build a business that is truly unforgettable—a business that’s BOOMING!

Employees, BOOM! shows you how to:

  • Build a reputation for being indispensable
  • Stop taking orders and start taking initiative
  • Move from making excuses to making a difference
  • Find the courage and freedom to speak up, test new ideas and challenge the status quo
  • Close the gap between the corporate culture you envision and the one in which you work
  • Come to work fully awake, fully engaged and firing on all cylinders because you know that your work matters!

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