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Be A Person Of Impact

To everyone in search of more… This book is your unapologetic kick in the butt, it is a reminder that you are a POI—Person of Impact and you have a pocket of influence.

You have been designed to choose and you will be defined by your choices. Your future is in your hands. You can reimagine, rethink, refresh, and even completely reengineer your brand. Why? Because you choose to.

The 12 POI strategies in this book will help pave the way for you to start making intentional choices to step out of the mundane, lead, and stand out to be your best—one choice at a time.

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To be an unforgettable positive force in your world, a POI, it’s imperative to expand your

will, work and wonder. These 12 strategies will accelerate that journey.

Will, may your grit, determination, and drive be stirred in more deliberate ways.

Work, may your efforts and labor become more intentional and altruistic.

Wonder, may your impact on others be more auspicious and generative.

Praise for POI


Table of contents


Excerpt: Okay isn’t Okay


Excerpt: 12 strategies