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A Sneak Peek at our EPIC New Site

A Glimpse of Our New Look

We’re committed to helping our clients do EPIC Work and live EPIC Lives.

Our new website is launching in about a week.

With this new site and added services, we’ll challenge you to renounce routine and resignation and choose courage instead of comfort. We’ll provide support and tools to help you rediscover meaning in your work. And we’ll help you cultivate passion and purpose in your life.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Stay tuned,

Kevin & Jackie

We’re Getting A New Look!

A Brand Update Ahead

After 30 years, eight books, thousands of speeches and global connections, we’re adding to our brand. Here’s why:

We’ve learned that no matter where we go in the world, people share a common desire: to do EPIC Work and live EPIC Lives.

Our personal lives don’t automatically shut off when we walk into work and our professional lives don’t disappear when we go home. From our experience, we’ve learned the personal and professional are interconnected. Stress or success in one always influences the other. We might think we can compartmentalize, but the fact is, the boundaries are blurred. We suspect they are for you too, which is why we’re expanding our services.

Our website is changing. Our emails will continue to support the Epic Work you do.

And if you’re looking for insights on how to live a more EPIC Life, you’ll soon have an opportunity to subscribe to a new blog as well.

We’ll keep you posted as we get closer. Thank you for your ongoing partnership.


Kevin & Jackie

Want Collaboration in Your Workplace?

Respect and Civility are KEY

Respect in the workplace fosters collaboration, innovation, creativity, learning, communication and ongoing knowledge sharing. Employees who feel respected are more engaged, committed, loyal and motivated to contribute.

The Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative asks for a commitment from employers and employees to make workplaces more civil. A WE&CI is a significant step in rejecting the alarming and growing trend of normalizing bad behavior. And a WE&CI provides a more positive path to claim, “we will try to do better and hold ourselves accountable” for our collective efforts to make our workplaces better and more collaborative.

The WE&CI is simple. It’s a pledge to do one’s best as an employer and employee – to commit to better behavior in the workplace by adopting and enforcing certain policies that will likely result in a more equitable workplace.

If you have not developed an internal WE&CI, you can do so formally. To create your own and help spread civility and equity, here are 10 tenets to borrow from:

  1. Greet and acknowledge each other.
  2. Say please and thank you.
  3. Treat everyone with equality and with respect – no exceptions.
  4. Acknowledge the impact of our behavior.
  5. Welcome feedback from others.
  6. Be approachable.
  7. Be clear, honest and kind.
  8. Acknowledge the contributions of others.
  9. Be on time and respect each other’s time.
  10. Never turn a blind eye to incivility.

Are these or similar principles in place and practiced where you work? If not, what if you initiate a WE&CI and help spread equity and civility in your own circle of influence? Let’s all do our part to spread more kindness and professionalism at work.

Dangerous Times

Jackie with Pat Mitchell when she spoke as part of the Sundance Author Series in October.

Call for Brave, Bold Leadership

We are living and working in dangerous and challenging times. Such times call for new approaches to leadership and power. We need to redefine and rethink the old school, patriarchal approaches to power and leadership. A better future requires more collaborative perspectives on what it means to live more fully, lead more courageously and to grow more worthy legacies.

Jackie recently met Pat Mitchell, a dangerous woman. Pat is a pioneering journalist and executive and is the former President of both CNN and PBS, as well as an Emmy-winning producer. She currently serves as the editorial director of TEDWOMEN and throughout her career, has been a trusted voice focused on sharing women’s stories. Pat spoke as part of the Sundance Mountain Resort’s Author Series about her new book, Becoming a Dangerous Woman – a book we highly recommend.

Pat calls women, and all men who stand with and for them, to bravely, boldly and collectively embrace their power to make the world a better place. We can do this, not by using power over anyone else, but by sharing power with others and giving our power to worthy causes and noble callings.

We suggest creating “We for We” cultures in our companies and communities. Not women for women or men for men, but people for people, rising and leading together toward the next stage of good. Our future will be improved by those of us who courageously lead together and create more collaborative paradigms for change and transformation.

Let’s lead together. Let’s not subordinate, let’s strengthen. Let’s not compete, let’s collaborate. Let’s not compare, it’s far more beneficial to complement each other. It is time to put down our armor and stop leading from hurt. A better, bolder future is calling us to lead with our minds and our hearts!

Fun AND Profitable

If you’re not one of the 25 million who’ve seen this video, take a few minutes to watch Mary Cobb of Southwest Airlines deliver her own special brand of in-flight instructions.
We dare you not to laugh.

Southwest Continues to Deliver

Kevin was recently interviewed by Washington Post Travel Reporter, Hannah Sampson for her article on Southwest Airlines and how “the airline’s work culture is quirky, trusting and helping it become a wild success story.”

From the beginning, Southwest co-founder Herb Kelleher was a pioneer, fierce competitor and true innovator. But he showed the world it was also possible to love his employees and customers, and have fun while he democratized the skies and built a legacy of 46 consecutive years of profitability.

Herb pioneered Southwest’s hire for humor and attitude and created a culture that has  become a magnet for fun-loving, hardworking people, thus giving the airline an enormous pool of talent to draw from. As we described in our international bestseller, NUTS!, Southwest was always committed to culture and cause and has become famous for it’s people, performance, purpose and ongoing profitability.  

Read Hannah’s article on Southwest’s plan to conquer the airline industry, one joke at a time, and meet some of the people who might make your next Southwest flight something to remember.