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What defines you?

Bono, U2’s lead singer, songwriter, musical legend and global ambassador of the ONE Campaign (a worldwide initiative committed to eradicating world hunger) was recently interviewed about the famine in Somalia.

In our current world of political, economic and social unrest it seems that people in the media continue to drag us down with headline stories that are full of blame, shameful behaviors and fear.

Not Bono, his message draws us up. Even though he speaks of this shocking 21st century crisis his message is promising and purposeful. His cause is passionate not political. His words are honest and forthright not hinting and hopeful:

He is a leader who practices the art of:

Say what you mean, mean what you say but don’t say it mean.

People seem to prefer watching people in the high streets of London fight policemen rather than watching the children of Somalia fighting for their lives. People watch the stock values crumble while I think about our own sense of values tumbling… this will define who we are, this is a defining moment for us and there is lots to distract us… These are serious issues…its outrageous, it must be stopped, its not our intentions, its our ACTIONS… It’s our PRIORITIES that define us!

For the full intereview:

Anderson Cooper, Bono and K’naan

Are you distracted?

As a leader, what defines YOU?  Are you purposeful in your activity?  Are you passionate about a cause?  Do you hint and hope or are you courageous, honest and forthright in your communication?

How you spend your time, how you spend your money and what you choose to talk about are three of the best ways to determine what you value.  These three things define you.

What ever is distracting you is also defining you.  Maybe its time to clear the decks, refocus, reprioritize, and act on what really matters. Make your world better.

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