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About Kevin & Jackie's Duo Messages

Kevin & Jackie Freiberg


“All week I heard glowing reviews of the Culture Team day. In addition, on two occasions, Mehran talked at length about PFA and how you and Kevin knocked the ball out of the park. Louis said your focus on legacy has taken the ‘what’s your why’ to the next level. Congrats on continuing to carry the passion and missionary zeal to new audiences with a refreshed message.”  Chris Graff, VP Corporate Communications and Community Relations, National Life Group

“As I’ve reflected on our time with you two (dynamic duo that you are) — I am so happy & pleased. The session was everything we had imagined and MORE!” Vickie Pritchett,Director, Outreach & Government Relations, National Fire Sprinkler Association

Jackie and Kevin Freiberg – Two of the best keynotes that I have run into in my career. Not only are they both inspirational, they are amazing people with deep content and a sincere passion to make a real and lasting positive difference. And they will not attempt to “sell” you an “off the shelf” presentation. Instead they take a deep interest in getting to know your organization and understanding what it is that you want to accomplish and then assemble their experiences into something very meaningful. Kevin and/or Jackie will knock it out of the park for you and your team.

Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Vail Resorts Management Company

Thank you for an outstanding, remarkable and very compelling presentation. The time and energy you put into it was noticeable. We have received great feedback from the participants and I found myself leaning forward to make sure I did not miss a thing. It has fueled my entire day.” Director, Master of Science in Executive Leadership

“Jackie and Kevin, it was a real pleasure listening to your valuable talk at our Vendor Conference in Bangkok. Our suppliers are sincerely trying to rise to the occasion as our economy is also going through a difficult phase… The feedback was “Excellent” and stands among the best in recent years. Your event was very well appreciated by our suppliers.” Chief Operating Officer, Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

“Dr. Jackie, I must compliment you and Dr. Kevin for an outstanding presentation at the Maruti Suzuki Vendor Conference in Bangkok. It was very clear and thought provoking. Please do let us know when you are next in India.” Chairman & Managing Director, Lumax Industries Limited, New Delhi, India

It is an honor to extend my most heartfelt thanks for your inspiring presentations at our recent Governance Conference. After learning from and being galvanized by Jackie’s messages at our leadership retreat, I knew that hearing both of you together would be motivating and the thoughts you shared would be timely. But you exceeded even my expectations, delivering messages about change and leadership that will really stick with our board members and make lasting change in our organization. I look forward to following your future work and witnessing how you continue to help great organizations inspire meaningful change. President, CEO CHRISTUS Health

tandusKevin and Jackie’s tandem presentations worked great! We needed an opening and closing speaker—but what the Freibergs provided was more powerful than two separate speakers! We got the essence of two individuals PLUS a married partnership. Everybody loved it!

sonyYou guys did an amazing job. Your encouraging words and thoughts help drive the Sony Brand’s business on a daily basis.

Dear Kevin and Jackie, You helped us transform our Tax Compliance Practice into the “L.O.V.E. Culture” a few years ago. I recently saw a former colleague while vacationing in Boston. We reminisced on our wonderful culture change experience with you all. I have moved on to another company. Our company is one year old and I support the CEO. He is a wonderful leader who is filling out his executive staff and starting to work on culture change and leadership development. I think you are exactly what we need.


Your guidance in the design and delivery of our President’s Forum meeting, to Jackie’s recent involvement in our all associates meeting has been nothing less than awesome. We wouldn’t be where we are today in our journey to Create A Culture Of Our Own Choice without you.

Choice Hotels International

Thanks to you, we are no longer ‘dead people working’! Thank you for being that voice above all voices in the mostly repetitive motivational speaker world. Your books, philosophies and attention to what is important to getting the most out of your life has truly made a difference in mine!

ISU Credit Union

We commend you for the brilliant way you customized your presentation to our company’s needs, culture and meeting focus. Your talk created an instant connection between our associates and the wonderful information and stories you shared with us.

Fredric’s Corporation

Your message has applicability to the health and vitality of all sizes of businesses.

San Diego Business Journal

Being reminded that the company exists to serve the field…not the other way around was just what we all needed to hear…Jackie and Kevin gave our leaders great examples.

Emmis Broadcasting

Many thanks for your excellent presentation to our V.P. group last week. You left our organization with so many useful tools to accomplish our goals.

The Principal Financial Group

It is not uncommon for speakers to encourage companies to create a people-centered culture. However, your presentation offers a clear road map to follow.

International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

You inspired our Managers and staff and allowed us to send them back to the “real world” energized and motivated to do an even better job serving our nation’s seniors (and have fun while they’re doing it!)

Holiday Retirement Corporation

Thank you for a “WOW” two days. I learned a great deal, was motivated to re-think and execute how I ‘Can Make a Difference’. Your professionalism and commitment to what you believe was just incredible.

Federated Department Stores