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“You received a great deal of positive feedback following your presentation. What people liked most were your simplified structure and actionable ideas. I heard a few people say that they are going to seek out the three stupidest things they and their teams do. You made an impact.”  – Tony Buzzelli, Board Member, AAA

“Thank you, your message was terrific and spot on. My pre-event calls with speakers in the past have rarely made a difference…but my call with YOU did!”  – Marshall Doney, President & CEO, AAA

“For those looking for an association convention keynote speaker on leadership and innovation…Jackie Freiberg is a can’t miss! She reached out to several of our members in advance to get to know our industry’s culture and our priority needs. She then presented a very focused and inspirational keynote with resources for all of us to become better leaders, build better workplace cultures, and become more accountable! Fantastic energy. Great takeaways. Thank you Jackie!”  – Brent McClendon, President/CEO, National Wooden Pallet & Container Association

“We heard some great feedback on the conference overall Jackie was well received. They loved her positive energy. Our members have a lot of labor challenges ahead, and they walked away with some ideas to implement immediately into their management skills/style.”  – Annette Ferri, Vice President, Communications, National Wooden Pallet & Container Association


“Jackie! I want to share the legacy you’ve left and continue to build within National Life Group. Early last year I took a new role, from individual contributor to leading a team. All the tricks I used before weren’t serving me in this new role. Hmmm! I cried, I was angry, confused, frustrated and thought I might lose my job! Maybe this management/leadership thing wasn’t for me. I almost threw in the towel. But then I started thinking about all of the women I knew who were successful, who hustled, who kept trying and who were authentically themselves – who didn’t try to shape themselves into a ‘should be’. You were on the top of that list. Thank you for being unapologetically you, thank you for all the times you traveled to Vermont to share your message about the importance of showing up and being true to our brand. Thank you for just being you. You were light for me in a dark hour. Thank you, my friend.”  – Grateful National Life Leader, National Life Group

“Jackie, you were incredibly inspirational at the recent Noblis United! Would love to harvest your passion and enthusiasm. Hope to see you at Noblis in the future as an opportuity to support and benefit from your work.”  – Joelle Fischer, PMP, ITIL, CSM, Task Lead, Noblis

“She had me at the Southwest story! What an inspiring speaker! I’ve been in healthcare management for over 30 years and have never been so moved to take action with my team to engage them as I am now. Thank you Jackie for your words of wisdom. Leadership is a privilege!”  – Jackie Williams, Clinical Practice Manager, Ophthalmology, UT Southwestern Medical Center


“Just a quick note to say “thank you”. I thought the culture workshops in Dallas were great – right on point. I think you nailed the message. I heard many great comments about the sessions…from leaders and individual contributors. Again, thank you for continuing to deliver very meaningful messages to our folks.”  – Michael Veilleux, Interim Chief People Officer, National Life Group


“Thank you once again for the wonderful culture presentation at NLG this week. You did a brilliant job of weaving in the themes of learning, vulnerability, civility and emotional intelligence into a thought provoking and engaged discussion for our team mates. I know a lot of sweat and effort went into this, and it certainly paid off.”  – Melissa Carlson, Associate Vice President of Talent Management, National Life Group


“I was just sitting here reflecting on the week and wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your session. I always feel completely energized after spending time with you. You’re amazingly inspirational and we are truly fortunate to have you with us on our culture journey.”  – Michelle Jones, Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications, National Life Group

“Thank you for the great message you delivered to our customers and team. I am hearing great feedback You certainly kicked off the meeting with a burst of energy… Setting the tone for a great educational and motivating event. I also want to thank you for doing such a great job Canadianizing your presentation. Everything is very much appreciated.” –  Brian Archambault, National Sales Director, ReSound Canada

“Thank you so much. It was an AMAZING event. I appreciate your willingness to work so hard and engage our staff in the meaningful ways in which you did. We are very grateful for all your efforts, and for the powerful message you shared with our staff.” – Jerry Schuetz, Dir. of Admin Operations, Milton School District

“”I have had the privilege of speaking on stage to audiences all over the world. I have also sat in the audience and listened to some of the greatest speakers of all times. In my humble opinion, Jackie Freiberg is one of the BEST I have ever heard. She has an inner passion to help people to succeed. She motivates a crowd of folks to join in for a cause. I am very cautious of who I put in front of my company. I would put Jackie on stage anytime to motive my team.” –– Phillip Hudgins, President, InVida Financial Network


“Thank you for an amazing keynote session at the Actuarial Day of Learning this week. I have been receiving great feedback on the whole day and all of the sessions, especially yours. I also want to thank you for being so accommodating and helpful as we planned how to align your message with ours. This work definitely paid off in the final results. Having great sessions like yours was a large part of such a successful event. THANKS!!” –Christopher Masiello, Senior Learning Specialist, Actuarial Talent Management, Prudential


“Jackie is so special. I was fortunate to spend time with her and her husband a couple years ago (they both spoke for our President’s Club and Chairmen’s Circle, Jackie has been working with us since 2013). By far, the best consultant I have ever worked with.”  – David Gilmore, Vice President National Life Group

“Jackie was outstanding! She was a perfect match for our program and we’ve gotten tremendously positive feedback on her session.” – Sue Cromidas Vice-President, Marketing & Communications, CDM Smith

  “Thank you so much, Jackie!! You were simply amazing and we were so blessed to have you. Thank you so much for being here. My “wheels are still spinning” from your thought-provoking presentation. Hope to get the honor of having you again someday.”   Scotty Elliott President & CEO, One Life America

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for delivering the Keynote at this year’s client conference.  Everybody I spoke with sincerely enjoyed your presentation and as I shared, there are some who will be reaching out to talk with you about working with their organization. When I said we expected this to be the best conference to date, well…  that was an understatement.  It was by far the best to date thanks to you and the other speakers who helped make this an extremely successful event.” Director of Administrative Services, Corelation Inc.

“Jackie…I am about to forward your contact information to two CEOs.  Thank you again…you were, as always, the best of the best…thank you.”  Theresa Benavidez, CEO, Corelation Inc.

SO wonderful to finally meet you and WOW did you kill it yesterday. We all were so moved, touched and called to  action by your talk for the Vermont CEO Roundtable. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So happy I finally got the experience of Jackie Freiberg! ” Mary Powell, CEO, Green Mountain Power

 “Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I got very positive and excellent feedback on your keynote and the day in general. THANK you again for a very professional and wonderful job.”  Shlomi Nachman, Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson

“Jackie, I so enjoyed your speaking, the message was so motivating for all the Ten X management. We were all talking about how much we learned.  I’m copying the CRE team, they may want to have you speak at their leadership event. Thanks again.”  Jeff Frieden, Executive Chairman, Ten-X/Auction.com

“Your session with the team at ALL Hands was a HUGE hit. We were inundated by people telling us how much they enjoyed your message and how it was delivered. It was a highlight in a very good two days for the team.” Greg Grimm, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Operations, Cisco

“Thank you again for speaking for our All Hands Event. You were so inspiring, and you were one of the most popular sessions!”  Jenny Hwang, Business Operations Manager, Supply Chain Operations, Cisco

Jackie Freiberg was an excellent speaker and very motivational. I thought her ideas about how to proceed were right on.

Another great session-content and cutting edge ideas. Motivational speaker-Freiberg was a good idea…focus on the individual and what they can do!

Jackie’s presentation was amazing! I had a dream. I was going to write a book titled “OK is OK”, but after listening to Dr. Freiberg that’s not gonna work! Thanks for the invitation and program.

Jackie Freiberg, PhD was great! Very positive and inspiring presentation. I was not expecting that type of presentation, but loved it!

Pittsburgh Business Group On Health Event Attendees

Hi Jackie – Thank you so much for this fabulous feedback! How great that you were able to change your opening based on their earlier sessions. That is truly a gift that many speakers do not have. As the agent, I appreciate you making such an effort.

Michelle Carter, Vice President, Sales, Worldwide Speakers Group

Dr. Freiberg, thank you so very much for your participation in the PBGH Rx Forum today. You were great! I just started the CAUSE! book, and I am really enjoying it. Seeing you in person solidified that I’m a huge fan! I will be reading all of the books and recommending them as well. You did an excellent job of integrating examples from the PBGH and CVS Health as well as my son! I’m so very appreciative of this extra effort! It was a challenge to captivate everyone’s attention at noon as they waited for lunch an hour later! But, you effectively did just that. I am very impressed!

Charlene Hrivnak, Strategic Account Executive, Coalition Business Unit, CVS/caremark

Jackie’s message to “Be a Person of Impact!” hit home with staff members during our annual Staff Development Day event. Jackie shared that we all have a personal brand that tells others what to expect from us, and it’s up to us to be intentional and purposeful about the brand we want. Jackie was personable, engaging and thought-provoking for our participants. We highly recommend Jackie Freiberg for a keynote presentation!

Lorinda Schrammel, Training and Development Manager, Oklahoma State University

Thank You Jackie for coming and being a part of our academy!!! Your presentation and your passion poured through your heart and soul!!! We really appreciated you taking time out of your busy day to be here in Atlanta with a few of our leaders. So thank you thank you thank you!!!

Monica Wilk, Five Rings Financial, Leadership Academy

Jackie – Thank you for doing such a great job! Reggie told me just yesterday how much he appreciated you listening to the other speakers and building off of them. YAY you! Thanks for making me look good. You are awesome!

From the Speaker’s Bureau Account Executive who booked Jackie for the NBAA Leadership Conference

Thanks so much for investing your time and energy with us. I received many positive reviews of your remarks, and I am so glad you could contribute in such a riveting way for our event.

C. David Minifie, Chief Experience Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Centene Corporation

Jackie, we appreciate working with you and as we enter the new year, we will connect to see how we can elevate what we do here with your guidance.  We sincerely appreciate your support and words of wisdom over the years. Thank you so much for all you have done for us.

Joseph (Joe) Brancucci, President & CEO, GTE Financial

“Thank you so much for being in Grand Rapids for ABC. It was important our first speaker for our new client was outstanding and you did it. Thanks Jackie. You are one of the best and a favorite of ours, we appreciate you working with us.”

David Pace Agency. Representing Associated Builders and Contractors, Western Michigan Chapter

“We were very glad to have you as our kickoff keynote speaker. The information you shared was applicable and timely. The homework you did showed as you spoke from the stage. You were completely connected to our culture and tied it in with your message perfectly. Thank you for your attention to detail and inspiring our group with strategies to take back to their business.”

Meagan Alexander, Member Education & Special Events Manager, Do it Best Corp.

“We had Jackie come out to our annual field clinical meeting in Boulder. I was very pleased with Jackie’s personal engagement with me, over the phone, before we actually booked her. She gave us as much time as we needed to discuss our goals for the meeting and for her talk. She was very engaged, active listening, and asked great questions to ensure she would meet our expectations. At our event, when Jackie finished her talk, people didn’t stand up and stretch and go get a coffee. Instead, they turned to each other and said “wow!” and found their manager and did the same; they talked about the message, how it impacted them personally, and expressed their appreciation that we were able to bring Jackie to our meeting”.

Martin Young, Medtronic Field Clinical Research

On behalf of the Smurfit Kappa Group in The Americas, I would like to thank you once again for the quality of the content and delivery of your conference in San Diego last week. We rarely have a speaker who is able to articulate the content of the conference with the company agenda as you did.

CEO, Smurfit Kappa

Jackie’s engagement with us and what we stand for was exceptional and the work we developed with her previous to the presentation definitely contributed in having a presentation that was tailor made for Smurfit Kappa. We thoroughly enjoyed Jackie and all she left with us in terms of knowledge and reflections for our future”

Communications and Branding Coordinator, Smurfit Kappa

Homerun !!!! Thanks for everything, you did an amazing job.

HR Director, Smurfit Kappa

“Jackie, I am so grateful for the work that you do and for your ongoing support. Your words have power, and I thank you for sharing them with Packard. Your message inspired change and our organization is better because of your time here.”

Director, Learning and Development, Stanford Children’s Health, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

“Great job, really enjoyed the talk!! Thanks for incorporating some of the Packard language, it was definitely noticed and appreciated by the people at my table.”

Chief Innovation Officer, Stanford Children’s Health, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

“Thank you Jackie for helping our organization focus on not only the vision but the execution.”

CEO, Stanford Children’s Health, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

We have engaged Jackie Freiberg for over 15 years to speak with our clients and recommend her as a speaker of choice when they need an engaging and insightful speaker with a true understanding of Leadership.

Jackie is always eager to understand the clients needs and expectations and will have in depth conversations before the event. She prepares content to meet their specific needs and sharpens her presentations right up to the last minute to make sure the client gets what they want. Her presentations are always filled with outstanding stories of other organizations and individuals who are making IT happen and that inspire attendees to take action.

Jackie is always warm and gracious not only to us but the client even when things are not going just as planned. She is a joy to work with.

We highly recommend Jackie Freiberg and will continue to bring her to our clients.”

David Pace, Business Speakers Bureau & Event Services / David Pace Agency

Thank YOU! Your message was so beautifully delivered, so perfectly tied to where we are on our journey, it was exactly what the team needed based on where we are. I have no doubt that your presentation has and will continue to have a lasting and positive difference on the team. It was a gift to us all – thank you!”

“Jackie – just a quick note to tell you how much I valued your incredible keynote yesterday! The team was buzzing all day about you and your messages – thank you!”

“A note of thanks for creating such an amazing experience for all of us! I think you did a wonderful job of determining the content and everyone I spoke with thought it was truly engaging and valuable.”

Vail Resorts

Thank you very much for always showing up, the women here are still buzzing about the conference and your presentation. I’m not surprised as you always come and leave the crowd saying “WOW!” The Women’s Conference was exactly what I expected and your Leadership session was great and right on time. We are very fortunate to have you on our team, you bring out the best in all of us.

National Life Group

Thank you on behalf of our leadership team and the Board – from all perspectives it was very successful and exceeded our expectations. Thank you again for a powerful change of course that will propel us to “reimagining possible” for financial services, and in fact, redefine what is the realm of financial services in the future.

GTE Financial

“You definitely made the conference shine as our keynote and setting the stage for an awesome event.”


“Thank you Jackie, you rocked yesterday. The room was buzzing with excitement afterwards. OMG!!– “best speaker ever”… “she was awesome!”… “where did you find her?” The truth always rings clear in people’s hearts and minds–if they are ready to hear it. You spoke to all dimensions of leadership: the ROI/business case, the inspirational, spiritual, logical, ethical, brand power, etc. If anyone missed the message they were asleep! On behalf of Catholic Health Services, thank you for exceeding our expectations.”

Catholic Health Services of Long Island, System Director of Organizational Effectiveness

“Thank you again Jackie, your delivery was engaging and your message was on target. My managers and I appreciated it enormously.”

Catholic Health Services of Long Island, Chief Medical Officer

“Jackie’s presentation was the perfect opening keynote address to kick-off our telehealth conference. She taught our attendees that Innovation is Everyone’s Job and she inspired us with many examples of innovative organizations both in and out of the healthcare industry.”

Executive Director, Southwest Idaho Community Health Network

“Jackie. We really enjoyed your presentation! I’m sure the attendees didn’t have any idea that you came up with new material that morning. It’s very rare for a keynote speaker to listen to the other speakers and modify their presentation accordingly. You were fantastic!”

Co-Chair National Human Resources Association, Orange County

“Thank you for letting your light SHINE!! I was moved by your talk and look forward to reading your book. Your keynote had lots to grab onto and I am always grateful of the reminder of who I want to be and WHO I am.”

Director of Talent Management

“A huge thank you for being such a delight to work with, your entire team is FIRST CLASS, honored to be among such great talent.”

Maine HR Convention

“Jackie was a ROCK STAR! She was brilliant at weaving our culture into her messaging. It has been awesome to work with her, thank you so much!”

LensCrafters, Zone VP

“Jackie, I want to thank you for your outstanding keynote address at the 2014 HBMA Executive Symposium. You delivered exactly what our committee was looking for and to a very receptive audience! The fact that you took time to have a personal call with me to discuss the exact concepts that we were trying to achieve in our keynote was remarkable and proved to be quite valuable. I have received many favorable comments about your address from our members and we are all very appreciative of you professionalism and willingness to work with us through the entire process.”

Chair: Education Committee; Healthcare Billing and Management Association

“Jackie brings a world of experience, a deep passion and incredible enthusiasm to her work. She is a world class coach on corporate culture. She also tells it like it is – carrying tough messages about what needs to change while demonstrating why those changes are so critical to our success.”


“We searched long and hard to find just the right person to help us map out how we can bring out the best in everyone at our company. Jackie fit the bill. Her work with National Life Group has helped our employees understand that they are what brings this company to life. Her passion around culture is contagious. Her use of real-life case studies made our teammates better appreciate what they can do to live our values of Do Good. Be Good. Make Good.”

VP Communications

“Jackie’s insightful perspectives on the virtue of embracing “culture” as a differentiating formula for corporate success is invaluable. She effectively partnered with our company to communicate a defined cultural strategy to our employee base. Jackie’s unparalleled blend of intellect, passion and inspiring communication skills was resoundingly impactful. If you want your company to be an employer of choice, there is no better partner on that aspirational journey than Jackie!

People Center (H.R.) Executive

“Jackie was a terrific opener for our program in Panama! We very much appreciated the time she spent with our audience and staff. I will continue to recommend her to everyone.”

“Jackie, I enjoyed hearing your awesome presentation!!! Many of our guests that evening commented that your presentation was the best we have heard in many years – you rock.” Doctoral Candidate, Organizational Leadership, Pepperdine University

“Jackie, you did exactly what we wanted for our closing keynote. We are grateful you connected so much of the content shared the day before, but with a more practical @work twist. Thank you!” Conference Director
“Fantastic presentation, great and thought provoking for me. I’m putting some in practice already and will add more today!” Audience Member

“Jackie was terrific and flawless. She listened and played into the key points our audience wanted to hear. Our board loved her! We will definitely have her back for another event.”Director, Membership & Business Development

“We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful session on Innovation yesterday. I have attached the results of the exercise I conducted after you left so you can see the volume of ideas that were created in a very short time. The feedback from the participants was outstanding.” Senior Training Executive, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

“I do have to say Jackie exceeded our expectations as a group. She was fantastic, it has been such a pleasure.” Manager, CT/MRI, Tampa General Hospital

“I consider Jackie to be a soulmate, she always looks for the good news stories to share. We consider it a real treat when we host Jackie.” Ken Blanchard, author “One Minute Manager, owner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“You have given the world the greatest gift – generously sharing your passion and talents as a spark of possibility for young people everywhere. Hearts and minds were opened. Attitudes shifted, actions imagined, ideas formulated, risks taken, relationships bonded, memories treasured and most importantly, love abounded.” Curator, Executive Producer, TEDxYouth San Diego

“Thank you Jackie! You delivered exactly what we wanted.” VP Partnership Services, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“Jackie was phenomenal!” Director, IAMC Industrial Asset Management Council

“We have received terrific feedback. Thank you Jackie for a fantastic day.” President, Radian

“Thank you for listening, our committee shared a lot of ideas with you and you got them all, you didn’t miss a thing!” Dean, School Nutrition Association

“Jackie’s presentation really resonated with me and has reinvigorated my commitment to leading my team and continuing to notice those things that are and are not said.” Audience Member

“Jackie and Kevin, it was a real pleasure listening to your valuable talk at our Vendor Conference in Bangkok. Our suppliers are sincerely trying to rise to the occasion as our economy is also going through a difficult phase… The feedback was “Excellent” and stands among the best in recent years. Your event was very well appreciated by our suppliers.” Chief Operating Officer, Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

“Jackie, You did an amazing job of tying together the content of both days. The audience really appreciated your message. I absolutely look forward to working with you in the future.” Founder & CEO, People Report and Black Box Intelligence

“Thank you for an outstanding, remarkable and very compelling presentation. The time and energy you put into it was noticeable. We have received great feedback from the participants and I found myself leaning forward to make sure I did not miss a thing. It has fueled my entire day.” Director, Master of Science in Executive Leadership

“Jackie, thank you so much for serving as our keynote speaker. I enjoyed your presentation and heard several rave reviews from the audience. Your presentation encouraged many discussions.” Area Manager, Meetings & Exhibits, American Oil Chemists Society

“Dr. Jackie, I must compliment you and Dr. Kevin for an outstanding presentation at the Maruti Suzuki Vendor Conference in Bangkok. It was very clear and thought provoking. Please do let us know when you are next in India.” Chairman & Managing Director, Lumax Industries Limited, New Delhi, India

“I found Jackie’s style lively and entertaining. One barometer of success is whether or not the audience stays for an afternoon speaker…they all stayed to hear Jackie’s message. One group was so enthusiastic about her presentation they asked for her contact info, to use her for their meeting this fall.” President and CEO, Central Exchange

“Bravo to Jackie!! The audience loved her and showed her with their standing ovation. She definitely did her homework! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever brought a speaker in that did as much homework as Jackie did. I was really impressed that she was a part of the audience on Sunday morning. It is such a rarity that a speaker listens to the other speakers – very refreshing!!” Executive Producer – Serious Business

“Jackie and Kevin, it is an honor to extend my most heartfelt thanks for your inspiring presentations at our recent Governance Conference. After learning from and being galvanized by Jackie’s messages at our leadership retreat, I knew that hearing both of you together would be motivating and the thoughts you shared would be timely. But you exceeded even my expectations, delivering messages about change and leadership that will really stick with our board members and make lasting change in our organization. I look forward to following your future work and witnessing how you continue to help great organizations inspire meaningful change”. President, CEO CHRISTUS Health

“This was the best event in Melting Pot history! All feedback was positive. Thank you Jackie for a great presentation.” President, Melting Pot

“It was an absolute joy to hear you describe how we could lead with passion and hope. Your energy, insight, and powerful illustrations lit a fire under our leaders, and I am excited to witness the transformation that follows. We were impressed at how you tied your presentation in our theme for the retreat. We eagerly look forward to hearing from you and Kevin at our October Governance Conference and witnessing similarly impressive results with our board members.” President and CEO CHRISTUS Health

It was wonderful having you as our keynote speaker at the Zanzuccki Lecture. That evening I addressed my fraternity brothers, Delta-Phi Chapter of TKE. I used your ideas about branding, both the personal brand and that of the corporate brand. As the president of SFU I have believed heartily in your explanation of brand. I believe that we truly must have a passion for what we believe and in what we are called to represent. This truly makes what we have to offer significant and gives it excellence.
Thank you for bring your message to Saint Francis University. President SFU

“Jackie, what a pleasure it was to meet you and hear you speak at this year’s NSPRA Seminar. Your presentation was by far the highlight of the conference for me, and I continue to draw on your wise words and advice daily.” Director of Communications, Glendale School District

“What an amazing message! Jackie, you hit it out of the park. You were right on target and gave everyone new inspiration to lead differently to help our organization achieve the level of excellence needed to be #1. Many of our leaders I talked with say they got a lot out of your message. And me personally it fed my soul! Thanks for your help in making our LDI a huge success!”

Jackie, I appreciate you taking the time to prepare for our meeting and sit in on our general session prior to your presentation. I think it was obvious to all that our messages were connected and as you know, that was very important to me. Throughout the entire meeting, many of our presenters referenced back to some of your key messages. Clearly they were meaningful to our organization and impactful to our audience. We are all thinking about our personal brands and what we can do to improve.

Jackie did a great job – the Twitter universe was on fire. I only heard very positive comments from the attendees.

navy federal credit union
Jackie’s message is still radiating throughout the organization and there is an excitement in the air. Supervisors and managers have been asking for the presentation, the youtube video and anything else they can use to take back to their team.

elancoIf you want a refreshing, real and current leader—the Taylor Swift of Leadership Speaking—Jackie is it. She is current and up to date on what it takes to win as leaders during the next half century. We’re a $1.2B+ company that is near best in class and heavily attributed to the leadership/culture change from the Freiberg organization.

lockheed martin logoJackie’s message was well received and on target. Several leaders commented that Jackie’s was the best session we’d held this year. She was dynamic and engaging and appropriately challenged leaders to get motivated and excited.

bofaJackie delivered an exceptionally customized message. She’s a speaker who makes a ton of difference!

do it bestJackie, you hit a BIG home run for us! We have received many accolades about your BOOM message from our members and staff. You were awesome!

shrmJackie’s message is unique, dynamic and extremely engaging. Her delivery style runs the gamut from being humorous to thought provoking to touching the very heart of the audience. Jackie customized her presentation making it relevant and personal to our group.

hallmarkJackie you were one of the best keynotes Hallmark has ever had. What a joy your are to work with. Your presentation on Building Effective Teams was a huge hit with our store managers. Thank you for sharing your passion with our team and bringing us a memorable experience.

Jackie, you were ‘right on’ and your messages hit home.

Jackie was great. She left the audience wanting more. We look forward the next program where we use Jackie.

criketOne person said that Jackie’s presentation was ‘life changing’.

nestleJackie, your entire message will help us become a better organization.

victoria's secretJackie was right on target with everything we asked for. I’m already looking at my calendar to bring her message to a larger audience.

national rural electric coop associaionJackie’s message was on-target, humorous, and appropriate for the audience of CEO’s, key account managers, and energy purchasing managers.

mcdonaldsJackie’s presentation was right on target with McDonald’s values. The messages around creating an empowering work environment were perfect!

wells fargo logoJackie’s presentation absolutely changed the way I view my organization, my staff, and take accountability for MY attitude.

crown councilThere are very few truly exceptional female speakers available—and Jackie is one of them.

hunter douglasJackie started a BUZZ that lasted throughout the 3 days with our 200 sales reps. Her ability to customize her material for our industry created an atmosphere that was real and pertinent to everyone.

usa federal credit unionJackie was so passionate and her message was not at all like a canned presentation. People were glued to her every word.

owens and minorJackie, everyone loved your message and is raving about BOOM! ALL left the meeting energized and eager to engage our goals & objectives.

american nursingJackie, thank your for an exhilarating speech! You are the most interesting speaker I have ever heard and you had the group spellbound.

alleghneyIt’s an understatement, but Jackie exceeded my expectations! There is not an adjective great enough to describe Jackie’s performance. Truly professional and terrific comes close.

leadership metro richmondThe LMR Conference was a great success in large part to Jackie’s wonderful presentation. We’ve received numerous comments about how her program was powerful and significant.

nafcuMany delegates mentioned that they found Jackie’s remarks particularly relevant to them as they plan to better serve their members in the upcoming year.

socapJackie offered just the right mix of fun, entertainment, and motivational message. Hers was the best-liked presentation of the conference.

pbsjNot only was Jackie’s message to our employees and guests superbly crafted, but her delivery style truly wins over the audience.

ultimate staffingJackie, thank you so much for a wonderful thought provoking, and inspirational speech. I came way feeling very invigorated and with a sense of renewal.

equity residentialRave reviews from all tribes for Jackie. Our many thanks to her for helping make our leadership conference a success.

freemanJackie’s presentation put all of us in a positive state of mind. I appreciate the time she took to tailor her remarks to our company and to all of our key people.

vhaOur members left energized and optimistic about what they could do that didn’t cost money! 100% would recommend Jackie’s program to a colleague.

kbsJackie was obviously well prepared and her excellent knowledge of our industry made her a very credible source and opened the door for our people to listen to her ideas.

macysJackie’s presentation was inspirational and right on target. She set the tone for a two-day conference designed to raise the bar.

rtohqWe have been inundated with praise for Jackie’s program. She took time to become familiar with our industry, and it really made a difference.

aetnaJackie did a terrific job and effectively tied her message to our business making it very personal. Extremely energetic, interesting and motivating.

motorola universityPeople here have hungered for a message as strong and powerful as Jackie’s.

swaJackie hit the mark and truly inspired our People Department Team.

staplesJackie’s use of real Staples’ examples in her presentation is such a simple touch, but it was invaluable to the message and audience perception.

cb richard ellisThe concepts of being fully engaged with real person examples are still being talked about. Jackie has a great delivery style, quite personable yet authoritative about her topics.

state farmJackie, we are using many of your concepts for our planning meetings for next year.

london lifeJackie did a great job mentioning our products, etc. and relating her stories in our world. The audience loved Jackie’s enthusiastic and candid approach.

weight watchersJackie, you helped ‘Remarkable Women’ achieve our goal to inspire others to be the best they can be.

ch2m hillYour talk was inspiring, perfectly tailored and filled with practical advice we intend to implement.

johnson murphyWe have given speakers our materials in the past, BUT Jackie is the first to read them all and incorporate them ‘in context’ into her speech.

allstateJackie’s insightful stories and examples were right on target and very applicable.

wells fargo logoJackie helped me to look at my day differently—to get more engaged.

escaFind me 6 more Jackie Freibergs! It is not just one or two things that stood out, but the entire attitude of her presentation mirrored her talk.

nw energyJackie absolutely hit a home run with our employees with her style of delivery, the way she connected with our group, and her very powerful service message.

lmaIt was evident in Jackie’s presentation that a lot of time was spent in the preparation. That extra touch was much appreciated.

ghaJackie, thank you for reaffirming that healthcare is about people. I am forever grateful to you for pointing out that honor, integrity, seeking knowledge, and having fun are truly ‘WOW FACTORS’.

workforceJackie delivered a high-energy message with many takeaways. Every organization needs to hear her!

epsAlthough our group was very diverse, Jackie’s presentation was applicable to each and every one. Her personal warmth and enthusiasm were especially effective in closing our meeting on an upbeat note.

service masterDr. Jackie is an accomplished speaker with a gift for weaving humor, wisdom and challenge within the context of her talk. Some of us were literally straining to keep from running out the door to start implementing her pearls of wisdom.

adventistJackie’s presentation to our Presidents’ Council was excellent!

admJackie was terrific and her examples of how to treat customers were particularly enlightening—right on the mark.

bpThanks to Jackie’s uplifting and highly practical presentation, we now have a lot of people who are willing to “Go NUTS!” to build some excitement within our organization and thereby better customer loyalty throughout our services.

gwI appreciate the time Jackie gave us to ensure she was the right choice for our group and then how she tailored her message to our theme.

papa johnsIt was apparent throughout Jackie’s presentation that she had reviewed the company’s material and customized her remarks to the franchisees. Her personable style enhanced a strong, important message, which was well received.

jazzerciseJackie’s approach and presentation style were perfect for our group. All of us deeply appreciate the time Jackie took speaking with us prior to our meeting.

gfsJackie, your presentation to our sales and support teams was very powerful and professionally executed.

leadership metro richmondJackie was absolutely fabulous and people keep calling to give us raves for the best conference ever!

ketchumJackie provided an “unforgettable” presentation for us.

elbitIt was, without a doubt, very worthwhile to have Jackie for our executive meeting.

arpbJackie’s presentation was a resounding success!

prime groupJackie’s message was exactly what the Prime Group leaders needed. They realized how great her message communicates for both executive and frontline employees.

ceaJackie’s keynote was entertaining, enlightening and generated a great deal of “buzz” among our Summit attendees.

rylandJackie’s presentation was motivating and insightful. Because of Jackie, our managers now have tangible ways that they can delight their customers and inspire their employees.

mpaceThose of us who were fortunate enough to hear Jackie are telling others how impressed we were with her energy, her insight, and her engaging style. It was obvious throughout that Jackie had done her homework.

mdotJackie’s presentation was rated higher than any other session at this or any other annual MDOT Leadership conference.

apartment association metro denverJackie’s presentation was excellent! Never before have I heard so many positive comments from attendees.

racJackie gave our managers some ‘good stuff’ to take home and immediately apply in their store.

lennarJackie’s message was strong and I loved how she made it specific to Lennar.

alfaJackie’s presentation was the best one ALFA has had and many people told me the same. She spelled ‘inspiration’ for so many people.

minotTHANK YOU Jackie for a great Keynote Presentation. Our attendees are still buzzing about your message and enthusiasm.

Jackie, your presentation is one of the best I have seen in years.

Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

It’s almost impossible to get good women speakers, so we are VERY excited to have had Jackie for this year’s world conference! I’m very impressed by her ability to entertain and educate the crowd.

eCustomer Service World

My biggest list of ideas came from Jackie’s session. I would absolutely recommend Jackie as a speaker who delivers strategies you can start applying immediately.

National Association of School Music Dealers

Jackie’s interaction with the audience gave everyone the feeling of involvement during the presentation. She has a genuine excitement in her presentation that captivates the audience.

Retail Print Music Dealers Association

Jackie’s message was on point and challenging.

The Journal Record

Jackie, you certainly know how to WOW a crowd!

National Association of Colleges and Employers