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Humana, Inc.

KOA Kampgrounds

About Kevin…

“Kevin, you were certainly the highlight of our conference and your extraordinary familiarity with KOA put you in a very elite group of speakers. Not only are people discussing your content but they are also talking about the way you could quote KOA data with no reference to your notes. Thank you so much for taking the time to be sure your message was a lasting one. We indeed felt ‘courted’.”
Jim Rogers, Chairman & CEO KOA Kampgrounds


About Jackie…

“Bravo to Jackie!! The audience loved her and showed her with their standing ovation. She definitely did her homework! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever brought a speaker in that did as much homework as Jackie did. I was really impressed that she was a part of the audience on Sunday morning. It is such a rarity that a speaker listens to the other speakers – very refreshing!!” Executive Producer – Serious Business


About Kevin & Jackie…

Jackie and Kevin Freiberg – Two of the best keynotes that I have run into in my career. Not only are they both inspirational, they are amazing people with deep content and a sincere passion to make a real and lasting positive difference. And they will not attempt to “sell” you an “off the shelf” presentation. Instead they take a deep interest in getting to know your organization and understanding what it is that you want to accomplish and then assemble their experiences into something very meaningful. Kevin and/or Jackie will knock it out of the park for you and your team.

Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Vail Resorts Management Company

“It was a real pleasure meeting both of you and listening to your valuable talk at Maruti Suzuki India Limited Vendor Conference-2012 in Bangkok. Our suppliers are sincerely trying to rise to the occasion as our economy is also going through a difficult phase currently…
The feedback of your speech from 85% of the participants was rated either “Excellent” or “Very Good.” According to our past records, this score stands among the best in the recent years. During the informal interaction with our suppliers, we understood that the talk was very well appreciated by them. Looking forward to seeing you again.” Chief Operating Officer, Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

“Jackie and Kevin, it is an honor to extend my most heartfelt thanks for your inspiring presentations at our recent Governance Conference. After learning from and being galvanized by Jackie’s messages at our leadership retreat, I knew that hearing both of you together would be motivating and the thoughts you shared would be timely. But you exceeded even my expectations, delivering messages about change and leadership that will really stick with our board members and make lasting change in our organization. I look forward to following your future work and witnessing how you continue to help great organizations inspire meaningful change”. President, CEO CHRISTUS Health