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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Jackie & the SheEconomy

The “SheEconomy” An Untapped $20 Trillion Trend You Need to Know About!
Dr. Jackie Freiberg calls all business leaders to discover what is at the intersection of some very powerful “NEED to KNOW” global trends. In this priceless keynote Jackie unveils an economy that is under-represented, misunderstood and often times ignored! Businesses are leaving millions of dollars and very loyal customers all on the table because they do not take her seriously and they do not fully understand what SHE wants. The businesses that continue to ignore, misrepresent or misunderstand her are at great risk. She is a force to know, understand and represent wisely. If mined correctly these global trends complimented by her purchasing power provide a rich, loyal and extremely profitable consumer demographic to know and serve.

Take Aways:

• Global trends worth trillions, revealed and exposed
• How to look beyond the trends to find the untapped opportunity
• How to lead, notice and disrupt your own industry innovations
• Examples of the successful businesses that have disrupted the market place by tapping into the trends and created a loyal faithful brand following out of the growing and spend conscious SheEconomy.

Listen to Jackie talk about the “SheEconomy” with Dr. Jim Harris on the Taking Care of Business Show.

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