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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Leadership, Innovation and Culture

We help you create the best places where the best people can do their best work. If you want proven strategies on leadership, innovation and culture we’ve got plenty and we’re ready to help you and your team translate them into your own formulas for success. We have spent the last 27 years helping leaders answer questions like these:

How can we get everyone to…

  • Embrace change as an opportunity, not just tolerate it?
  • Make innovation a way of life, a part of our cultural DNA?
  • Bring a heightened sense of commitment and accountability to work?
  • Live up to their leadership potential, be a leader people want to follow?
  • Take responsibility for creating customer and brand loyalty?

Jackie’s video previews…

Kevin’s video previews…

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Is Your Story Worth Telling?

Are you a company or a leader worth writing about? We use a case study approach to tell your story; our content and ideas comes from going deep and broad inside some of the world’s most admired and exciting companies.

Our criteria for choosing these organizations is simple:

  • Are you radically different—doing things the “experts” deem impossible?
  • Would we want to work for you?
  • Do your leaders inspire us?
  • Are you producing things the world can’t live without?
  • Are you socially/environmentally responsible?
  • And, are you winning?

Send a brief outline of your story to KevinandJackie@Freibergs.com. If it intrigues us, we’ll contact you.

Books we’ve written…

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