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Honoring Women Who Make a Difference

For the past 36 years and running, the Journal Record has honored women throughout their state who are making a difference in their professions, communities and in the lives of those they touch.

A Tribute to 50 Business and Community Leaders

A shoutout to the Oklahoma Journal Register for honoring women who make a difference!

It was Jackie’s privilege to speak to over 100 honorees and their colleagues last week in Oklahoma City. She shared four courage building skills for creating courageous cultures, innovative companies and improved communities, while challenging these difference-makers to continue modeling and inspiring brave and daring leadership.

Later that evening, Jackie delivered a keynote to a crowd of over 800, noting that our challenging times call for new approaches to leadership. Her message celebrated the Lead Together Qualities of Grit, Grace and Gravitas – three courageous qualities embodied in the 50 honorees and those who stand with and for these women in their calling and courage to make a difference. We celebrate and congratulate them all!

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Change Your Decision

Shift Your Perspective

Why is it so hard to say, “I was wrong”?

In some organizations, it’s easier and more comfortable to defend a position we’ve already taken than to admit we might be wrong. It’s also how we get stuck.

When we fail to admit we’re wrong, we rob ourselves and our colleagues of valuable moments of learning, of improving performance and of eliminating potential large scale problems.

Seth Godin suggests an alternative to being wrong:

“Based on new information, I can make a new decision.”

Being responsive and flexible is how we stay relevant in our personal and professional lives. We can make a new decision on what’s happening in our environment now, based on new data and new science.

If decisions made in good faith are based on insufficient information, we don’t have to be wrong. Thanks Seth for reminding how we just have to make a new decision.

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Inefficiency is Robust

The Efficiency Myth

The more we allow machines, data and numbers to think for us, the less we think for ourselves. It’s time to build human skills before we lose our ability to function in an unpredictable world.

We are huge fans of the work of Margaret Heffernan. She is a big, bold thinker with a gift for making sense of a complicated world. This TED Talk will speak to you if you are:

  • Determined to make your organization more efficient
  • Curious about how inefficiency can be robust
  • Trying to predict the future
  • Afraid of the impact AI is having on human skills
  • Trying to measure everything
  • In search of ideas on how to better navigate what has become a complicated world




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