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BloombergQuint Podcast with Kevin

Question the Unquestionable

Kevin speaks with Govindraj Ethiraj of Business.net on the need for constant innovation – not just for growth, but for survival. Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned CEO, innovation begs the same questions: How can you make the business better? How can you differentiate it within your industry? How can you grow it faster?

Listen as Kevin challenges us to question the unquestionable – those taken for granted, deeply held assumptions about the way we think our industry works, how our business is competing and what our employees are capable of.

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What it Looks Like to Run with Women

Leading Together – Lead ToGetHer

Four Women’s World Cup Titles. Four Olympic Gold Medals.

Women’s soccer is dominating and they have our attention. This team is an incredible example of what can happen when women compete TOGETHER.

If you hire women, sell and market to women, get to know her and understand her. By 2020, women will control $72.1 trillion globally. Women are multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-dimensional. Women have become the SHE Economy and heavily influence business, politics and society. They are a force worth running with.

Jackie’s Lead Together keynote will help your teams run successfully with what is now the largest emerging global market.

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What’s Your CAUSE?

How to Find a Higher Purpose

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be more than 1,750,000 new diagnoses of cancer in the United States this year alone. Recognizing the physical, emotional and financial toll cancer takes, National Life Group decided to ease some of that burden. Since 2014, National Life Group has hosted an annual Do Good Festâ„¢ in support of the community and local non-profits.

At the 2019 Fest this past July, NLG and countless volunteers organized a day of great music, delicious food and community spirit in support of a powerful cause. The crowd of 10,000 raised $50k for Branches of Hope, a non-profit organization that provides financial support for cancer patients struggling with overwhelming expenses.

NLG is an example of what happens when a company does right by their people, their products and their community by finding a CAUSE. Their example of committing to people, performance and profit allows the company to Do Good for causes like Branches of Hope.

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