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7 Things That Make Bob Woodward The Most Influential Journalist Of Our Age

Written by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, this article originally appeared in Forbes.com March 27, 2019.

(Photo: Andrew Harnik/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Leadership Lessons From Bob Woodward

Here are 7 timeless and timely lessons on leadership and life from award-winning journalist, Bob Woodward. His perspectives provide both helpful and hopeful wisdom on pomposity, silence, truth, cause, and more. We consider them priceless principles for fostering trust in teams and with people.



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Hiring Formula

Two Types of People

In every organization, there are two types of people: those who add and multiply and those who subtract and divide.

If it’s obvious that adders and multipliers generate optimism and enthusiasm, why do so many organizations end up with toxic people who detract and damage team culture? The short answer is that we justify toxic people because of their skill level rather than their character.

For more, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Bochy Ball, illustrating the payoff organizations experience when they place CHARACTER at the top of the list when hiring employees.

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Rumbling With Vulnerability

Written by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, this article originally appeared in Forbes.com March 25, 2019.

(Photo: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Recovering From A Scandal

What would happen to our businesses, our politics and our society if we had more leaders who were brave enough to be vulnerable? Brave enough to say, “I screwed up, I need help. The policy was wrong. What I did hurt you. I’m sorry.”

If we didn’t put courage on pause and avoid the tough conversations after behaving disgracefully could we build more trust, get more done and establish more civility in our national narrative?


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Calling All San Diego Women!


Skills & Strategies to Lead with Courage

The SHExperience will inspire and empower women from all walks of life to discover skills and strategies to live and lead more courageously while making an impact in our lives and communities.

Women have tremendous amounts of power: the power to lead, the power to disrupt, and the power to drive change. Let’s own that power, harness it, spread it, and ignite the ripple effect taking place.

Join Jackie and a group of distinguished women who will share their strategies and experiences on how to lead with courage, have the hard conversations, and make connections to grow our personal and professional presence, poise, and gravitas.

REGISTER NOW and use the code Partner20 to receive a 20% discount on the conference fee. Hope to see you there!


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