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Remembering Herb Kelleher

Highlights from Herb Kelleher’s Celebration Of Life

On January 22, it was standing room only in the arena at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center as nearly 10,000 people converged to laugh, cry and celebrate the remarkable life of Herb Kelleher, the co-founder of Southwest Airlines. You can experience the full event on video for the next few weeks at honoringherb.com.

Highlights of the event are live now on Forbes.com –  Remembering Herb Kelleher: He Was Our Kind Of Crazy.


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Look Ahead


Be the change you want to create in your life.


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Jackie is #4 of Barry Moltz’s TOP TEN!

“The 10 Best Things I Heard During 250 Radio Interviews” by Barry Moltz


  1. Seth Godin – “Offer things that are more magical.”
  2. Christopher Lochhead – “Follow your different.”
  3. Sally Helgesen – “Make sure people know the value you are contributing.”
  4. Jackie Freiberg “Hiring for talent isn’t enough, hire for character to complete the package.”
  5. Bob Burg – “Tact and kindness should never be confused with compromise.”
  6. Susan Fennema – “Think about what you’re doing every day and what is a repeatable process.”
  7. Jessica Abo – “Don’t let others’ social media highlight reel distract your from your goals.”
  8. Bill Himmelstein – “Privacy in the workplace is now paramount.”
  9. Kathy Longo – “Don’t avoid conversations about money.”
  10. Neel Grover – “Activate customers to act as your best advocates.”


Listen to Jackie’s full podcast with Barry to learn more about hiring for talent, skill AND character to enhance culture and chemistry.





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The Best CEO in America

Spirits Soar!

Our hearts are broken but our spirits soar from Herb’s impact in aviation, leadership, culture, innovation and in our lives. Herb has influenced our writing, speaking, laughing and leading. He lived unconditional servant leadership and modeled confident humility better than any leader we know. Herb, your legacy is profound. You demonstrated like no other what it means to do epic work and live an epic life.

Live now on Forbes.com –  20 Reasons Why Herb Kelleher Was One Of The Most Beloved Leaders Of Our Time




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Ask Wisely

Inspire Solutions 

Are you asking colleagues what they want to be? What if you change the conversation to engage and enrich your team? Ask, “What problems do you want to solve, how can it be done, and WHY does it matter?”




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10 Things that take ZERO talent but will get you 100% RESPECT

1.   Be on time
2.   Model a strong work ethic
3.   Be prepared
4.   Have confident humility
5.   Bring energy
6.   Be expectant
7.   Have vision
8.   Be coachable
9.   Do extra
10. Give presence – put your phone away!

What would you add to the list?




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