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Scared? Good.

Live Bravely

Listen to the whispers of fear only long enough to learn something new, apply it, adjust and then teach to know. This is how to exercise bravery and conquer your fears. For more on exercising bravery, we suggest BrenĂ© Brown’s most recent book, Dare to Lead.



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Learn Abundantly

Live Bravely

Courage isn’t innate…we have to grow and develop that strength. Here are a few ways to flex your courage muscle:

  1. Love vulnerably
  2. Lose humbly
  3. Hurt unapologetically
  4. Trust graciously
  5. Fail quickly
  6. Learn abundantly

Perhaps this Thanksgiving you can ask your family, friends, and colleagues how they intend to Live Bravely.


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Too Busy?

Maybe it’s time to be honest with yourself…or with others!



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Why, What If, What Else?

Is status quo prevailing? Is “comfortable” comfortable? Do you dare question the unquestionable? Leaders, creatives, innovators and people who perform like champions are always willing to challenge the status quo, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and question the unquestioned in order to lead, not follow.

Kick off 2019 with a keynote to motivate your teams to Question the Unquestionable. Watch Kevin now! And email info@freibergs to check availability.

And here are 5 Strategies to use now!


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