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Servant Leadership in 3 Sentences

Just Say’n

How you treat people matters – even those you don’t personally know. Everyone deserves dignity. That’s what servant leaders offer…dignity…even in the difficult conversations!

Say what you mean.

Mean what you say.

Never say it MEAN.



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Why You Should Share What You Learn

Sharing Knowledge to Create Action

Leaders are always looking for ways to grow, impact and improve performance. Think about what you do with learning, knowledge and those ah-ha moments. Some of the best leaders we know are great teachers. They love to share their lessons learned, their successes and screw ups. When we teach and share, we empower others with a desire to know more and that creates an enriching learning loop. That learning loop creates collaboration and with collaboration we achieve higher levels of trust and performance.

What have you learned lately?

How have you shared it with others, and what impact did it have on their results or performance? Ask your team to set some Learn, Teach and Apply/Action Goals and to track their success AND failures – both are rich with lessons.


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For a Custom Fit

Planning for a Leadership Event?

Looking for a speaker to open or close an event or conference? Our messages are “By Design”, customized just for you. As you can see in his new demo, you’ll never get an off-the-shelf, canned speech when you work with Kevin. His message are perfect for helping people Lead and Own Change, Innovate and create Team Chemistry. To explore details and dates, reach out to Amy@Freibergs.com.

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6 Lessons for Becoming a Hall of Fame Leader

Written by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, this article originally appeared in The CEO Magazine.com July 14, 2018.

Whether you’re a fan or not, there are countless lessons to borrow from baseball and apply in business. As book critic, Jim Pawlak observed, “Both employ ‘players’ with specialities. Both have All-Stars (aging, prime, budding,) “A” and “B (bench)” players. Both deal with roster turnover and compete for free-agent talent. Both face competition and make in-game adjustments because of changing situations. Both deal with budget constraints. To win, their players must be a team.”

We know a guy who lives and dies for baseball who is as gifted as any CEO we’ve met. We’ve worked with Bruce Bochy, manager of the three-time World Champion San Francisco Giants for over 20 years. As CEOs and business leaders, what can we learn from one of the greatest baseball managers – ever?


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