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Got Trust Issues?

Everyone Does!

This TED Talk will give you PRICELESS insights into how to build and/or rebuild trust wherever it may be lacking. It is well worth the 15 minute watch to identify your “wobble” and deeply DOABLE strategies for improving.


How Good are You?

3 Suggestions for Getting to the Truth

Here are some simple, yet powerful strategies for improving your interviewing skills, leadership skills, and conversation skills. Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 leadership coach in this country asks the #1 best interviewer in the country, CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo for some advice. “How do you get to the truth?”

Cuomo’s response? “Do your homework. Listen. And go back!”

Try applying these tools in your next interview, conversation, or meeting. They might help you achieve the outcomes you desire or help you get closer to truth and authenticity.

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Is Adultistis Getting You Down?


A common condition occurring in people between the ages of 21-121, marked by chronic dullness, mild depression, high stress levels, a general fear of change, and, in extreme cases, the inability to smile.

Adultitis will suck the life and creativity out of you! Don’t let it take root! It’s time to let go of stress and find your freedom to dream! Join the fight against Adultitis and learn how to reinvigorate your passion and creativity with these quick tips:

Break rules that don’t exist
Quit doing (or not doing) things just because you’ve always done them.

  1. Find a fresh, new path to work so you interact with different people.
  2. Start your day without technology. Try something inspirational and refreshing…NOT the news.
  3. Crank up the music. Let it speak to you.

Borrow from kids
Children live fun, less stressful lives. Take a page from their book!

  1. Discover – get curious about new things and adventures.
  2. Stop dreaming…DO! Revisit your big dream and go for it!
  3. Find more ways to laugh – it’s contagious. Listen to a funny podcast, watch your favorite comedian, look up funny quotes!

Try new things in the spirit of curiosity and without worrying about the outcome.

  1. Take on a completely new hobby like dancing, writing, cooking, biking, photography.
  2. Invite new people to lunch, coffee, dinner, drinks… Expand your network, it’s refreshing.
  3. Kick off your meetings in a new way to bring more fun to work (ask people to bring a PRESENT to the team. The present is a creative way to help people be “present” in the meeting (let go of before and what is to follow so you can focus).

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Do you dare?

Learn, Lead, Live!

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