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Kevin & Jackie are now Leadership Contributors for Forbes!

4 Things NBA Champion Steve Kerr Can Teach CEOs About Team Chemistry

We were delighted when Forbes.com invited us to join their team of leadership contributors! What an honor to be included in this impressive group of thought leaders.

Our first article takes a court side look at the core values three-time NBA champ Steve Kerr brings to his coaching. We hope you click, read, and share!

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17ish Things Gifted Leaders do to Improve their Impact

What About You?

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Do You React or Respond?

Leaders Respond!

When we speak to leaders about improving their impact we often say, “Great leaders say what they mean, mean what they say, but never say it mean.”

How would you evaluate your comments when coaching a colleague or team member? Were you direct, helpful, kind, encouraging or… did you hint and hope, shame, blame or discourage? Next time…we encourage you to use this simple but powerful model to guide your conversation.

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Jackie’s Podcast with Tony DUrso

Ideas for Building a Team of Champions

Recently, Jackie was interviewed for The Spotlight with Tony DUrso. In this podcast, she offers lessons from Iconic Leaders and Champion Athletes for winning and losing in business and life. Listen in the background while you work!

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