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Juggling A lot?

Dropping Any Balls?

If you are dropping balls, it’s time to take charge and lead more intentionally. Your boss, your team, your colleagues, your neighbor, your spouse, your kids, your coach, your dog (you get it), are not responsible for you and your place in life – YOU are!

Your happiness, job satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, ability to make a difference, and your ultimate success depends upon YOU, not THEM! We tell our three children, “You may not like your teacher, your boss, your coach, and your friends won’t always be nice – so don’t let any of them determine how you feel or act and, which balls you drop, that’s your choice, you’re responsible!

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Paradox or Half-Ass?

Choose Paradox

Learn how one of the best managers out there leads through paradox and coaches beyond half-ass.

Download the Paradox of Leadership Manifesto


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4 Critical Indicators for Business Success

Measure Your Business

On a 5 point scale (1 low/5 high), how does your company score in these 4 areas?

  • We are known for our Exceptional Culture
  • We offer an Unforgettable Customer Experience
  • We have achieved long-term solid Financial Growth
  • Our business has a galvanizing Mission/Purpose/Cause that attracts and engages employees

Order CAUSE, bundled with Bochy Ball, and give your team priceless examples of what it takes to Stand Out in each of these indicators.

Or better yet, planning an event and want to rally your team to own Culture, Service, Growth, Change, and CAUSE? Why not bring the message live, contact darcy@freibergs.com for more information on book orders, keynotes and workshops designed specifically for you.

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7 Insights from one of the Greatest Managers…. ever

Shaping Culture & Improving Performance

Want to be privy to a private conversation? What follows are 7 Insights from a Gutsy Leader on how to Shape Culture and Coach People to Want to Improve.

Listen in as one of the greatest managers—ever — sets the tone for his team at Spring Training inside their clubhouse, a place few outsiders ever get to go!

​Bruce Bochy has always been very intentional about shaping culture and creating… 

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