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It is Time to Bump into Someone!

Be an Atom, Not a Passenger!

Who don’t you know? Is your social sphere transactional or relational? It might be time to make some social changes to grow your network and enrich your life.


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ROI is a result of…


ROI is hugely dependent upon people, not just mediocre people, high performing people. To improve ROI focus on ROIP…  Return on Improved Performance. People’s performance is more likely to improve when a business is purpose, people and profit driven.

​We are proud and honored to have worked with Chairman, President and CEO, Mehran Assadi and the Stand Out Employees and Agents of National Life Group for over 5 years. National Life has been Standing Out in the Insurance Sea of Sameness by focusing on ROI and ROIP for over 170 years!

​Your business can Stand Out too. Get a copy of CAUSE! bundled with Bochy Ball! and you’ll double your strategies for Standing Out and Winning in Business and in Life. Contact darcy@freibergs.com for details.

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Is Your Business Fair or Political?

Dare to be Fair

Some great insights on what it takes to grow engagement, risk, innovation and collaboration. How close is your business to having a CFO… a Chief Fairness Officer?


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What is SKL?

Special Kind of Leadership

Learn what to takes to inspire a special kind of leadership in business, baseball and life from a Legend and a Champion. Get your own copy of Bochy Ball today! Or go to BochyBall.com and learn more.

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