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Going for the Gold?

Bochy Ball Shows You How

Olympic athletes can teach us a lot about leadership, great coaching, team chemistry, risk and performance. So can baseball players and World Series Champions! For helpful tips on confidence and focus, check out bochyball.com 

To find out if your team has what it takes to perform like champions, take the Team Chemistry Quiz and get personalized coaching, based on your results.

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How’s Your Team Chemistry?

Team Chemistry Quiz

Is your team chemistry All Star or Toxic? We have worked with some quiz gurus to create a Team Chemistry Quiz.  Take it to measure the chemistry of your team, family, or business.

Take the Quiz today! … get personalized coaching, based on your results, and learn how to perform like a champion!

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Over 3 Million Fans and only 10,000 Copies!

Our New Book Launches Today!

BOCHY BALL takes you behind the scenes and shows how Bruce Bochy and the San Francisco Giants pave the way for success through… chemistry, character, culture, and gutsy leadership.

To learn from the Three-time World Champions, we invite you to get your copy today. ​ Bochy Ball is also available on Amazon.

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Just Say No!

Think about what happens when you say yes to Excuses, Drama, and Complaints… they SUCK the life and productivity out of you, your team, your family, and your friends. They are like drugs. These behaviors are easily addictive, so just say NO and be an excuse, drama, and complaint buster!

You will build a better brand and have far more impact and influence if you:

  • Say NO to excuses and own what you can control.
  • Say NO to drama and rise above it.
  • And say NO to complaints and provide solutions instead.

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Do your colleagues like it when you arrive or leave? What do you need to do to bring joy to the office… when you arrive?

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