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Be the CEO of Your Future

Manage Your Mind

Be A Person of Impact will show you how.

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When we assume we understand the meaning or intention of other’s behaviors and words, we’re often wrong. BUT our assumptions are real for us and often times create a false reality. A reality that influences future interactions or even leads to avoidance. Stop assuming! Just Ask.

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Aggressive Targets

Measure It… Achieve It!

Do you want a more innovative company? If so, innovation requires growing gender diversity in leadership and that requires setting aggressive targets. It all boils down to the two most significant decisions made every day in every organization:

1. Who to Hire and

2. Who to Develop and Promote

Hiring and promoting purposefully will change the face of leadership and that has the power to grow diversity of leadership AND innovation in every organization. Organizations that have diverse leadership are more innovative. And more innovative organizations have more diverse leadership.

SAP issued a 2017 challenge: 25% female leaders and achieved it. Now their target is 30% for 2020.

Want a more innovative company? Then stop hinting and hoping. Set aggressive targets to hire AND promote more women.

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2018 Perspective


As you charge into 2018, do so with a new mindset, a perspective that empowers you to risk more, dare to try, learn, let go, and move on.

Leaders have a learning mindset–they look for life’s teachers, lessons, and detours; and avoid the attackers, losses, and dead ends.

Keep in mind, life can be abundant or scarce, it’s your choice, and that choice will define your future.

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The Courage Zone

Pick Your Zone

The chances of innovating in your comfort zone are minimal. Why not make 2018 a year for stepping out of the comfort zone, challenging the status quo and instead, inspire courage, adventure, risk, and innovation.

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