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Why Bother?

Color Fades!

Leadership, Culture and Service must be colorful to matter! If you are not doing something every day to improve leadership, culture and service, your impact is fading and your culture is losing its luster. In a recent blog, Seth Godin said this:

Repainting your house the same color it already was feels like a waste. It’s a lot of effort merely to keep things as they are. But if you don’t do it, time and entropy kick in and the house starts to fade.

The same can be said for 1,000 elements of your organization, including your relationships with customers, staff, suppliers and technology. The way you approach your market, the skill you bring to your craft, the culture in your organization – it constantly needs another coat of paint.

Rust never sleeps.

Here are a few tips on how little things matter and can add some color and energy to leadership, culture, and service.Branded Culture Part 1 and Branded Culture Part 2

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Think Out of the Box

Stop the Madness!

How can you stop the outdated stereotyping and product screw-ups? Create a WE for WE product line, brand or culture?  Here are a few thoughts…


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To Understand, Don’t Look Away

Be Curious!

We were originally intrigued with this because our oldest daughter is a Child Life Specialist and a certified behavioral therapist for children with Autism, so naturally to lean into her world, we watched.

And to our surprise, this is a lesson on Leadership… Servant Leadership at it’s finest. Carina Morillo, the mother of a young boy with Autism, reminds us all that you do NOT have to be an expert to do something heroic. You simply have to be there, to be curious. Isn’t that what all gifted leaders do?

Where do you need to show up, look people in the eye, ask questions, and be curious? Leaders are never indifferent!

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Are You Listening?

Leaders Listen!

Peter Drucker is famous for his thought leadership and timeless wisdom. Here is one of our favorite Drucker quotes. “The leader of the past knows how to tell. The leader of today knows how to listen.” Are you a leader who tells or listens? Here are some thoughts on listening: Listening is…

a mark of respect
a key to learning
a trainable skill
a way to broaden your understanding

What about you…. what does listening mean to you?  Shoot us an email, we’re listening!

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In Commemoration of…

Labor Day, remember, it’s HOME.

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