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Archive for August, 2017

One Minute!

Make it a Laugh!

Great leaders inspire wellness…How do you rate at inspiring laughter at work, at home, and with friends? Commit to laughing more!

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What is Your Stress Level Lately?

Rethink Stress…

If you “think” stress is pervasive in your life, rethinking it just might help you live longer and more courageously. In this 14 minute TEDTalk, Kelly McGonigal offers some great insights on how to rethink stress and its impact on life and death.

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Virtual Leadership

Virtual Collaboration

Warning – you will need about 30 minutes for this message, but it will be worth the time invested!

In our busy lives and hyperconnected world, it is common for people to tout the value of unplugging and disconnection to refresh and reconnect to what is really important. However, here is a remarkable example of how virtual leadership, a crazy vision, collaboration and a hyperconnected world led to deep relationships, reconnections and a break through innovation. And, if Eric’s virtual choir isn’t enough to convince you of the value of collaboration and global connection, we encourage you to watch Peter Diamandis in his TED talk on AbundanceDiamandis builds a sound business case for the value of optimism, abundance and our hyperconnected world. What is your lofty vision and how will you connect and collaborate virtually to explore some innovative ideas for improving your corner of the world?

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Are you an Askhole?

What is an Askhole?

Askholes ask for input but never really listen or apply it. Leaders listen, learn and adjust. To avoid being an Askhole, try this for a week…

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Left or Right?

Take the Quiz!

Invite your team to take the quiz, every innovative team has a balance of both left and right brain thinkers. One is not better than the other, they are different. They are complementary approaches to seeing the world, taking on challenges and solving problems. Where are your teams’ opportunities for growth?

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